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WTF, there's a Starcraft II?!?

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End_Boss said:
That being said, I thought you weren't allowed to do any commercial advertising on GB. Mod clarification?

Oops... I didn't know that. I'll probably be banned by morrow's eve :(

In my defense, I wasn't try to market the app here, only provide the info to other interested SF4 players.... but I don't want to break any rules here - GB is too freakin' sweet.
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Icil said:
"LordAndrew said:

Tons of people don't charge a thing for 'convenience' on the App Store. Some people don't charge a thing for a full-fledged game with graphics.
  1. Tons of people do charge for convenience on the App Store as well. From my standpoint those are the smarter people...
  2. Most iPhone app companies are COMPANIES that can spend time and money developing ads into their apps or figure out another way to recoup their time spent programming the app. As I have a day job, I have no such luxury.
Speaking of work, I've been spending far too much time on this forum today... time to forget about it for a while. Thanks again for all the feedbackz
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MattyFTM said:
"Yeah, but it's just as easy to get a free text doc viewer for iphone, and a gameFAQ's move list, and you've got a move list on your iphone."

I could go into any of the large number of reasons why the app is better than a text viewer on the iPhone, but I'm not trying to convince you to buy it. Plus, try searching for "text viewer" in the iTunes store and I think you'll be surprised with the results...

I should also add that I thought no one would by my MK vs. DC Moves app, but the purchase count is up somewhere around 700. Sure that's small beans when it comes to "iPhone app success stories", but that means 700 people thought it was a good enough idea to throw down $0.99, which is always good enough for me :)

Happy Street Fighting everyone :-)  If anyone's ever looking for a game on XBL, my tag is Funnyman22.
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Just got the approval email from Apple, but they update their iTunes store DB nightly so it won't show up in searches until tomorrow. For now, you can find it with this handy iTunes link.

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ShiroMe said:
"Don't sell it. If you are bad then play online a lot so I can get some easy wins."
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Thanks for the comments and support!

I've never programmed for the Blackberry before but I'll take a look at what it would take - luckily I stored the moves in an XML format so I should be able to use them on any platform. I'll keep y'all posted with what I find.
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I just submitted the new Street Fighter IV Moves application for the iPhone to Apple for approval - if they're average turnaround time is any indication, it should be available Thursday on iTunes. The cost will be $0.99.

Before anyone gets all up-in-arms and rags on the idea of a SFIV Moves App, let me say the following:
  • Don't ask me if I'm aware that the moves are listed in the game, online, in an FAQ, on GiantBomb, on your hand, on your controller, etc. I AM AWARE OF THIS. The app wasn't created because there's nowhere to view characters' moves - it was created so that one of those places can be immediately next to your controller while you play. You're paying for the convenience of the information, not the information itself.
  • Yes, combos are coming. No, I don't know when. It depends on how many people cry out for it.

Here are some screenshots of the app for you to feast your eyes on:

I'll post again when the app gets approved and is live on iTunes... for now I guess I'll just have to play EVEN MORE SFIV!!

P.S. If you want to promote the app somewhere, send me a PM and I'll get you a promo code for a free download to try out!

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This feature would be even better if you could modify certain things about your existing character such as hair style/color, to reflect the dark path you're about to descend upon :)

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MK vs. DC is a great game that deserves a bit of success, so it's good to see it's getting it. NOW they just need to release some DLC for it so those 1.8 million people will shell out a bit more money.