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Tetris Attack struggles on the Game Boy 0

I must admit: I had high hopes for Tetris Attack for the Game Boy when I found it on eBay. After all, the SNES version had been a personal favorite of mine for years, and I figured the game play was simple enough that the transition to a hand held system wouldn't detract from the experience. Unfortunately, I was pretty wrong.While the gameplay has been carried over exactly as it was on the SNES, there are a lot of minor details that get lost in translation. First and foremost, the screen is simp...

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SNES Tetris Attack review 0

I can still remember the first time I sat down to give Tetris Attack a try with my buddy. Both of us thought the game would be identical to Tetris proper, so we were surprised when the "switch-n-match" game mechanic was introduced in one of the game's invaluable tutorials. Things were never the same after that point - we had found a new game to occupy hours upon hours of our time.While the standard Tetris games focus on standardized block formations dropping down while you plan out how to best u...

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SSBB Review 0

Lets get one thing straight from the get-go: I am by no means a Super Smash Bros. expert. I’ve played every incarnation of the game, but the series has never held my attention for very long, as I have never had friends around who like playing it regularly. And a Smash Bros. game without multiplayer satisfaction is hardly Smash Bros. at all. So, for now, lets stick to what I do know about this game. The graphics are splendid enough, especially when you consider that the Wii can only output in the...

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