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There is no way the pistol was knocked away. In the pistols place was a piece of pipe with an on/off valve the looked very much like the pistol. I have played through and beaten this game many times. The pistol is always in the baby stroller even on hard mode. This is just not making any sense.

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I have played through Bioshock many times. I started it up today to play a new game and when I got to where you get your first gun the pistol(in the baby stroller) it was not there. There is a piece of pipe instead. Am I missing something here?

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So its on steam for 5 bucks and iv'e played for about 30 mins and im kinda liking it. Worth a look. Anyone else try it? It's got a real RE/Silent Hill feel but I don't think you get weapons only a lighter so far.

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Got for 3 bucks. Had to wait 20 mins because it hangs at the server screen. Also where the hell is the options menu? Then i pick a server and it wont let me out of spectate mode. Esc key does nothing. had to CTRL ALT DEL to get out of game. Is this way broken or am I just doing something wrong?

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So when ever I launch a Popcap game from steam or origin I get a fatal error. With Peggle being free right now this sucks. Anyone know a fix or have the same problem?

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Now the controller option is grayed out. Did it lose controller support when it lost GFWL?

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Big thanks to xamon0288! deleting the settings.dat file fixed my problem. Thanks!

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The only crack I could find was an xlive.dll that did nothing. I should not have to crack a game I own.

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I kinda liked this game so I installed it and tried to play it, but it wont launch at all. I know this game had GFWL. Could this be the issue? I don't want to play online only single player. Any help would be great.

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