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I am liking it. I have only 4 hours in it and I really suck at it but it's super fun and gets really hard. Worth picking up.

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Picked it up for 5 bucks new from walmart on PC and loved it.

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Big thanks to dudeglove for the help. Now I can keep playing.

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I have been playing Remember Me on the PC and really enjoying it until I got to chapter 5. I just took down Captain Trace and now I need to use his memories to unlock a door or something. To do this you have to sync by by pressing B fast many times. It has worked just fine through out the game so far but now it does nothing. I have tried switching to mouse and keyboard but it does nothing. Anyone have any similar problems when they played it?

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I liked the series all the way through. The ending was ok I guess.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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I just bought an evga nvidia note 7 tablet because I don't have any mobile gaming options at this time. I have only played a few games on droid mostly angry birds which got old quick and the room which was great. I am looking for good droid games but have no idea what's good. Any suggestions? I think this tablet can handle pretty much any game graphics wise.

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PC version.

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Looks great and would look great in my living room. I think adding color would ruin it.

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I just don't get it. Saga and candy are words. How can they claim they own the rights to these words.