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I am really getting tired of having to edit .ini files just to get 1920x1080 res. The graphics settings DO NOTHING! When I set it to 1920x1080 in game its still 720. V-sync will not turn off unless you edit the .ini. Also it's capped at 30FPS but you can edit the .ini to fix that too. So after setting my res to 1080 and my FPS cap to 120 (I kept v-sync on in .ini) I started playing and I am enjoying the game more than I thought I would, but at chapter 3 boss Alice the sound cuts out completely. I hope this is not one of those games that get released and never patched because it looks like a bit of weird fun.

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Got a few hours in to it and i'm loving it. The controls are good and I am liking the combat. Can't really say anything bad about it. It was 9.99 on steam and well worth a try.

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I am liking it. I have only 4 hours in it and I really suck at it but it's super fun and gets really hard. Worth picking up.

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Picked it up for 5 bucks new from walmart on PC and loved it.

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Big thanks to dudeglove for the help. Now I can keep playing.

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I have been playing Remember Me on the PC and really enjoying it until I got to chapter 5. I just took down Captain Trace and now I need to use his memories to unlock a door or something. To do this you have to sync by by pressing B fast many times. It has worked just fine through out the game so far but now it does nothing. I have tried switching to mouse and keyboard but it does nothing. Anyone have any similar problems when they played it?

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I liked the series all the way through. The ending was ok I guess.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

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I just bought an evga nvidia note 7 tablet because I don't have any mobile gaming options at this time. I have only played a few games on droid mostly angry birds which got old quick and the room which was great. I am looking for good droid games but have no idea what's good. Any suggestions? I think this tablet can handle pretty much any game graphics wise.