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Why are people still bitching about something so small? Its fucking stupid!!! Medal or no medal if your an idiot on the forums then you be seen as such. And to Mysterious bob don't you fuckin tell me how I'm gunna feel or think about others just because I suscribed. Its stupid ass comments like yours that make you look like a fucking closed minded negative asshole. And its a site about videogames for fucks sake. Elite are you fucking kidding me!?!

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@ChrisOVC said:
"It's just a medal. What is really dividing the community is all of these dividing the community threads. "

Why are people getting so worked up about this? The only way its going to devide the GB community is if we let it. You want a bronze medal ok thats not a bad idea. Its not like I signed up for an avatar medal icon. 
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I just used the new mobile site and I must say it is great. The videos load quick and its very easy to nav through.
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so they need bigger servers?
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Because Giantbomb kickass and video games kickass and the othe whiskey sites kickass and if you throw that all together you got some kickass shit! plus the cost was ok.
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Ok so I just paid for a month of GB just to try it out and I keep getting this error. 
Whats up with that.  
Anyway I had no problem paying for the month or linking accounts. HD vids look great. Also I have a droid phone and whats this mobile site/app I m hearing about? I have a giantbomb app on my droid now(Giantbomb beta), same one? The one I have on my phone says its from Bitwrit. 
Also now part of the error text is not showing up above the nginx/ it should say internal server error 500
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I also paid with visa debit and had no problems. But today the site wont load right and I keep getting an internal error 505
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Ok so what I want to do is go over to my friends house while hes at work. He has a 9 digit keypad to get in the back door and I know the code because I just moved out and he has not changed the code. I want to go from room to room and just sorta fuck with shit. In the kitchen I want to open all the cupboards and the oven, in his office I want to bring up a bunch of gay porn on his computer that he leaves on all the time, in his dining room I want to stack all the chairs on the table. Also he has DVR on his TV so I want to DVR as much B.E.T as I can. I asked his roommate what he thought of the idea and he thought we should film it both me setting it up and then his reaction when he gets home. Also he and his roommate work the same hours at the same place so he said he would go along with it. Im trying to think of other things I could do. Im just trying to think how pissed he would get but we have been good friends for 15 years now so I think it would be funny.
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Im in if I can use paypal. Also videos looked great!
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Cedar Falls IOWA