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I need hotline miami cards # 2,3,5,and 6.

I have

Tomb Raider # 4 and 7

Alan Wake 2 and 4

Don't Starve 2, 3 and 4

Borderlands 2 card 2.

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can anyone get on the steam store?

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Rest in peace Ryan Davis. You will be missed.

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So I finally got around to playing borderlands 2 and i'm having some issues. My main issue is the map. It has been showing things that just are not there, like ammo and health vending machines. They show up on the map but not in the game. Also I used alt-tab to check my email quick the other day and when I was done I went to click on the BL2 icon but before I clicked I noticed it said Borderlands 2 (32 bit DX9). Is there a way to play in DX10 or 11?

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@jay_ray said:

I just spent the last 30 minutes talking to a "Microsoft support" person. They called me out of the blue saying my computer is "totally infected with malicious software" and "showing" me how infected my PC was and telling me how my computer will implode if I don't do something about it. Then here's the kicker for just $299 they can renew my software warranty forever (on any PC and all future Windows platforms) and "help" me remove all these malicious files. So I said "$299; I would literally take a baseball bat to my computer before I pay $299 to Microsoft for this." Unfortunately they had another offer of $99 for 10 year coverage, which I declined then was promptly hung up on.

So was this actually MS support or just a phishing scam? I really hope it was not really Microsoft because if it really was them then they are doing some really shitty business.

Got the same call last week. They wanted my PC password so they could remove the spyware remotely they also wanted 200.00 from my credit card.

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I liked kane and lynch 2 alot! I also can't stop playing RE:ORC.

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Did you lower it to.. whatever is below HD?

I must have. Thanks dude problem solved.

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Why do all the videos on the site look like total shit. Sometimes I can't tell what the hell I am watching. They just look so bad.

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That's a good start. Thanks.