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I have been a PC gamer for years now. I sold off all my 360 stuff years ago to upgrade my PC and have only been gaming on it. I have a nice TV in my living room that I would like to hook a PS3 up to. I know nothing about PS3 or the PSN. I dont know which games are PS3 must haves. Some help would be great. Also I'm mostly interested in PS3 exclusives and PS3 games that did not come out on PC. I have about 400+ PC games so if it came out on PS3 and PC I probably already have it on PC. Any suggestions?

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Checked the system requirements and it says it recommends DirectX12. This is a typo right?

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Got mine yesterday. Still waiting on the Bioshock Infinite key.

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Every time I load the site my computer freezes for 20 seconds. It freezes everything. I am using Chrome.

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Bring back any Neo Geo system


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Mine came in. I love the handheld but the docking station is a bit of a let down.

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Wait does it come with an actual Neo Geo AES or something? Cause man I'd buy one if so.

I wish. It comes with a docking station that looks like an AES.

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Apparently, Gamestop is not getting this in store but you can order it thru their page. They are only getting the one the guy told you comes out in April.

Where did u get this info?

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Don't bother with Gamestop anymore. Amazon has you covered.

Why is the price jacked up? It should be 199.99

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So when I saw that the Neo Geo X hand held was in fact real and not a hoax. I went to the internet to see where and when I could get my hands on one. I saw Gamestop was taking preorders for it and I thought there is a gamestop right by my house. How easy it will be for me to go in and preorder it and then when it comes out I can just go pick it up. Well it turns out that it was not so easy.

Weeks ago when I walked into my local gamestop and said to the cashier " I would like to preorder the neo geo x gold limited edition please" he looked at me like he had no idea what I had just said. I told him what it was and that it is listed on the gamestop website so I know its a real product. It took the guy like 20 minuets and I'm not kidding 20 minuets to find it in his system and he kept asking me if i wanted to handheld only one that comes out next year. I kept telling him no I want the 200.00 limited edition that comes out at the time Dec.6th. After much digging through his system the dude finds it and I get my preorder in. Dec. 6th comes and goes and no neo geo. They tell me it's been pushed back to Dec. 18th and i'm like ok fine. So I figured if it came out on the 18th then they wont have it in until maybe the 20th because of shipping. So I call to check on my order and the cashier has no clue what i'm talking about. He then tells me it's been pushed back to april 17th and then he says "that's for the PS3 right?"

As of now I know the Neo Geo x gold is out I have seen recent unboxing videos on you tube so I know its out. The people at gamestop have no clue when mine will be in or what it is. I'm starting to get frustrated with gamestop.

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Installing now.