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Mine is an image I made during E3 last year of Brad photobombing Vaas from Far Cry 3. Still seems to be appropriate for this year's E3.

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I am going through the process of correcting all the music I have on my computer. I first check Musicbrainz and if my song titles are not identical then I check with iTunes, Wikipedia, and Last.fm. All four of these sites never share the same tracklist and I am forced to decide which one I think is correct. Also, I am getting higher quality album artwork while I correct the tracklist for each album. I check 7digital, iTunes, and Album Art Exchange. I want each album's cover to be 500x500 so if 7digital has a good one I go with that and if iTunes or Album Art Exchange have a better one, which are 600x600, I'll resize it to 500x500. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if they have, what did they decide was the best course of action when fixing tracklists and where to find the best album art (preferably 500x500)?

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I now have a text document full of books that will probably take me years to read.

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I've recently started to really get into books. I read Ready Player One and Robopocalypse during a week long trip in Oakland, California. I just finished reading Snow Crash and have picked up Ender's Game and Berserker at my local library's book fair. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestion to what books I should read in the future. I have Neuromancer, Hyperion, Foundation, Eisenhorn Omnibus, Horus Rising (Vinny's talk on the podcast made the Horus Heresy sound awesome), and Starship Troopers already on my list of books to read. People can also just use this thread to discuss science fiction books that they think are cool.

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If you are into mystery and suspense, then I would recommend these shows:

Mouryou no Hako (Creepy show about a serial killer traveling around with a girl's head in a box)

Monster (Physiological drama based entirely around a dark mystery the main character is trying to solve; basically The Fugitive if it were an anime)

Baccano! (Complete insanity, told in a nonlinear fashion, but a very good show)

Shiki (A tense story about a strange sickness occurring in a small rural village. The show never loses its pacing and like Monster questions what makes people human or monsters)

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@sickVisionz said:

Hey, are you sure it was a beach and a unicorn?

There is a scene in Spriggan where two guys are fighting each other and then a third party guy who looks kinda creepy/disfigured sneaks in with razor wire and chops everyone up. It's in the snow though.

Here is the scene from Spriggan: http://youtu.be/2vv7fby_aQg?t=1m20s

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This video gives a good amount of footage of the unicorns (kirin) in The Twelve Kingdoms: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpfhY55WbWc

I can't find anything about that particular scene though.

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These are really well done. Great work on these videos. Good to see that his name is Charlie Tunoku and not random Japanese name.

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You didn't call them chips. Are you from the UK by any chance. All the news I have heard is that the multiplayer is only available in the US. You have to use a US subway code to get into the multiplayer.

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Where did you enter the code you received on the drink? Did you enter it on the Subway Adventure website or did you try to enter it in PSN. When I got my code, I thought it a PSN code at first but realized there were not enough characters. I went online and found out that I had to use the code on adventure.subway.com to get my PSN code and play for a chance to win some prizes. Sorry if this wasn't your problem but all of my codes have worked.

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