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Your steam name FuriousJodo

Your location and what times you are available to play WA, USA - Generally at night (6-10PMish Pacfiic but only one or two nights a week)

Experience - Intermediate? Played a lot of LoL, and understand DOTA but haven't played it a whole ton.

Favourite Hero/Role Generally like to play support classes, though right now I just do Normal mode and pick one of the three heroes as I try to get more comfortable in the game.

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Got a notice that mine should arrive by March 11th.

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I bought Too Human at Half-Price Books the other day just because I like living outside of the law.

Also, I think it was $3.

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Not really that surprising but good to see.

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I think it does a lot of new stuff in really awesome ways, and it also does a lot of old stuff in really terrible ways.

I kind of trust MS to improve it though, the 360 dashboard saw constant major upgrades, I think we'll see faster iteration with the One and a lot of the things that are really annoying right now will get resolved.

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Ryse seems fine, it doesn't look super deep but I think I'll enjoy it.

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Getting more and more excited as Friday approaches.

I was disappointed that Kinect Sports was delayed, I feel the only way to accurately test a motion control is with a bowling game.

There is a "Pre-Season" version of Kinect Sports that will be available at launch for free and has a few of the game modes.

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My games shipped from the MS store yesterday, Amazon reminded me to check my payment info but I haven't seen them charge me or anything yet.

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Hopefully the guy that made the Windows 8 Giant Bomb app makes one for the XOne. That would be pretty great, that app works really well.

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Voice Commands

Ok, so there are a few times where that didn't work, but overall it seems to work pretty damn well - and although it's odd that you kind of have to train yourself how to use it it seems like once you kind of learn the limits of it you wouldn't run in to too many instances where it doesn't work as you would expect.