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Don't PSN saves only update like once a day or something to the cloud? I thought I remembered it working that way, it's kind of silly.

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It was playable at PAX Prime but only 2-3 setups in a fairly small area. I played it 5-6 times and enjoyed it thoroughly. I really want to be able to buy it.

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I've had a few games I haven't been able to connect to but I can usually find one that works.

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PSN: FuriousJodo

I generally only play games after my kid is asleep so around 8pm Pacific.

Also, props to TurboMan for making it into the quick look!

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Galak-Z has been my favorite game I'm looking forward to for what feels like two years now. They really need to release that game.

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Add me if you like - FuriousJodo. Not sure how much time I'll have to play this weekend though.

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Personally outside of Uncharted and The Last of US I never cared much for any of Sony's exclusives. But that's totally a personal thing and everyone is attracted to different titles/etc.

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I'd be glad to get into either guild - though I've found the chat room works pretty well for finding games.


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I've managed to get a few games in with GB folks and I highly recommend anyone new just jump into the giantbomb chat channel in DOTA. There will almost certainly be someone pretty much any time of day that will help you out.