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Good list Jeff. Bioshock Infinite was the best game of this year for me as well:

The ending was incredible ( i didnt read all those multiverse / time travel novels), the gfx (played on pc) were amazing and the music with the faux old songs was brilliant. :D

PS: dunno about the 'last Bioshock' thing. What about a Bioshock 4 set on the moon?? kinda wanna see that...

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Jesus! This is amazing. John you are my hero! :D

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im SO sorry about this. My deepest condolences to everyone who was close to him. what a loss.

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pretty disappointed by this press release marathon. They said 'magic and engineering' like 4 times. Ugh! I owned a 360 (until rrod). I really liked it.

Also, bad copy of the 360-presser years ago. Anyone remember Peter Jackson? - Now we have Steven Spielberg! Racing game bla bla...

Personally, my gut tells me that EVERYTHING MGS will materialise 2014 at the earliest (maybe except Forza). Spielbergs project gets cancelled. TV won't pick up. And Kinect? Nevermind.

And no share functionality like Sony?? No partnership with twitch or others? Tells me one thing: Microsoft is WAY behind Sony on that front. Maybe E3? Don't care anymore.


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@rchen: ok. thanks for the answer.

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I can't click on any of the users im following in my "Following List". Clicking them just reloads the list. I have to manually search for their username and visit their site. Normally when you click someones name (in a ql comment), you get directly to their profile.

Is this a bug or was it like that before the relaunch? Does anyone know?

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pretty cool. Especially the controller part.

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@DarkWaterSong: LOL. I like Tim Schäfer as pope!

Sadly though, Double Fine doesn't own the rights to Monkey Island or Full Throttle, or DOTT / MM for that matter. But wouldn't it be great if they did? Just imagine.

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Great that this is now possible.

Welcome to the 21st century!


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 SBOB1TFJV8RYGAUL4LGCYJPE7 doesn't work.  Got a new key via:

Just create a free account and go for it!