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As a fan of complete originality, I'll probably play this portalesque title.

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Ooooh the Jedi are gonna feel this one...

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We might as well be shooting flowers at it? The fook?
Crazy ass looking mechs and terrible script. Sega's making a bonafide Japanese gamemaking comeback

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"Hey Dave someone sent booze"
Dave drops what he's doing and immediately walks over

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Fucking dammit! I'm defecting to PC and Microsoft drove me to do it!

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I swear Microsoft is so fucking greedy that anyone who tries to widen out their gamers' playing experience gets shat in the mouth. I hate that god damn company. I'm selling my 360 after Reach gets boring.

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What's funny is that I can have motion sensing with the Wii and it's still effing cheaper. Probably works better too since they came out with it first. Stupid Microsoft stepping on everybody's toes.

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Good gravy thank you for these, T-shirts don't really fit with the theme but they're still cool to have.

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80. Botany was well received and you could become famous after picking enough flowers. 
81. Blacking out after a campfire was the fastest way to travel.