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In Bad Company 2 I don't use my mic for anything. Sometimes I'll type something stupid. In Team Fortress 2 I use my mic to call out spies or to work with medics or when I'm a medic. So yea I use my mic with playing with strangers for certain games. Usually I will invite friends to a ventrilo room if we wanna do some real teamwork.

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No. You gonna let society tell you when you're too old for game?

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@Noodlearms said:
" Sadly enough, I'm really interested in this. I thought the idea was, and still kinda think it is, fucking retarded. Yet, the trailer made it seem surprisingly good to me. Dunno, I'll check it out. Might surprise me.  EDIT: Also, the girl at 1:26 has one of the most amazing asses I've ever seen. "
Amazing? Nahhhhh.
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@xSUFFOKATEx said:
" @Joelteon7 said:
" What's wrong with multi-platformness? It means that more people get to enjoy what will hopefully be an awesome game. I'm sure that DICE will play up to the strengths of each platform and enhance the PC's unique points, likewise the console's, and make sure each release gets a solid game that is not watered down. "
The problem is like all sequels to PC games, the console will probably take the focus and take away things from the PC version to keep them equal. It's bullshit. "
But that didn't happen with BF2 or BC2.  BF2 was released on the xbox and a I think a high def version for the 360. I don't think either of them were equal to BF2. BC2 uses DX11 on the PC and allows for up 32 players on a server.
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I'm more into the fast/heavy j-rock/pop 

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I haven't rented a game in years. Mostly because I mostly play PC games.

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I haven't rented a game in years.

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I saw the tittle of the article and I knew it was going be for the Wii.

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I read your post and didn't find a reason on why it's cool to admit that you're a gamer. Anybody?

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Ok first of all, you're getting an iMac for gaming. Why? If you get a windows based pc you'll save a shitload of money and you'll get something faster.. If you're really looking forward to game on a Mac you're crazy. A 4850 is not great for the "latest games."