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@dharmabum: I did not receive an invite.

EDIT: Never mind, I looked in the wrong place. Thanks!

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Totally uneventful. Went to pick up my pre-ordered copy just after 10 AM at Gamestop, and waited behind about eight other people. In and out in about five minutes.

Outside of the guy behind the counter telling somebody on the phone that today was NOT the day to get trade-in values over the phone, there was nothing noteworthy about it whatsoever.

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Xbox 360: fuzzy510

Thanks guys!

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@godlyawesomeguy: I don't think corporate really gives two shits about them doing a podcast. Heck, since they can't really monetize the podcast, corporate might prefer it go away.

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Count me as interested. fuzzyjw510

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@Chango said:

I didn't add it to mine, but I really love Super Hexagon. Definitely an honorable mention.

Super Hexagon is #3 on my list. So yeah, I definitely think iOS games should be included if worthy.

If a game is good enough to include on the list, I'd put it, no matter what platform it's on. The fact that so few iOS/tablet games are worth including makes it that much more worthwhile to include the ones that ARE worthy.

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So I just booted up BL2, and was asked to apply the patch that fixes the Badass Rank glitch, which I was lucky enough to not be afflicted by. Went to check to see if I had any unspent Badass tokens that I had forgotten about, and I did. 63 of them. My Badass Rank shot up to 13,000, double what I remember being at previously. And lest anybody think that I have just been challenge-whoring to boost that up, my only character is a Lvl 40 commando - I'm not sure that it's even possible for me to have gotten 13,000 Badass rank even if I had tried.

Also, I found myself with 14 (!) golden keys, and I know damn well that I didn't have anywhere near that many pre-patch.

So am I absurdly lucky, or has anybody else seen this?

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I'm at 61:54 on Hexagon, 26:46 on Hexagoner, 9:18 on Hexagonest, and 10:39 on Hyper Hexagon.

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@Rafaelfc said:

wow, this thread made me realize how dire is the situation of disc-based exclusive games on the PS3 this year... there's nothing apart from PS All Stars, ouch.

That said, jf the best ps3 exclusive category comes down to Journey vs. Tokyo Jungle, that could be an EPIC argument. Two profoundly different games, graphics quality notwithstanding two very good games.

Mark of the Ninja could be a lock for 360 exclusive, but it is out on PC so I'm not sure they'd still consider it exclusive. Also, I have a hunch Halo 4 might have a better shot than most people give it credit for.

I'd assume that it's far more likely that, like last year, they don't bother with console-exclusive awards at all. Which makes sense, given that 95% of releases that are worth mentioning are released on multiple platforms.