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Sorry, duder. Thanks for all the laughs, entertainment, and insight over the years. You've done so much not only for games journalism, but for so many people like myself. Your dad must have been really proud of you.

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Anyone seen the Blue Stinger replay? Considering watching that or Illbleed next.

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Dan and his dad videos are great. The OverBlood super replay is pretty amazing too. I haven't watched any super replays beyond that, though. PIPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I think he also made a list of some of his favorite videos at GI here as well. My personal favorite from that list has to be Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Holy shit, what a profoundly egregious game.

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I barely watch anime, but I was inspired to watch JoJo from the QL on the site. That game made the anime look like the perfect amount of absurdity, lack of self-seriousness, and humor. Turns out it was, fucking perfectly. I haven't really watched an anime that's entertained me as much as JoJo - I love it so much. Coming from someone that hates anime tropes and a lot of anime bullshit in general, I think Dan would love JoJo. Anyone have any recommendations for anime that fits the above criteria?

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I have one. It's OK. Wouldn't recommend it unless you're really into the first party IPs.

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PS4 for sure. Sucks that it seems to be delayed sometime into 2015. That trailer has got me mildly excited and the wait kind of hurts.

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@humanity: There are a lot of people overly-obsessed with another ER, but I'd say the majority of us are just genuinely excited to play the game ourselves, bro.

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I like Rorie, but nah.