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I like Rorie, but nah.

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I agree. personally. I enjoyed SR3 and 4 A LOT, but 2 is my favorite in the series. It manages to take itself and its plot somewhat seriously and remain moderately grounded in reality while all of the stupid bullshit happens. That, to me, is a lot more funnier and potent. I also enjoyed the insane amount of customization in that game as well.

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Spent a few hours trying to play Baldur's Gate 2... It's a chore, I'm bored.

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Honestly, I think the show is pretty fucking silly.... but I like it just for that reason. Can't wait to see a luchador dropping vamps.

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I simply use it for following the Giant Bomb dudes and various other entertainment figures. I experience far more negativity in my real life than on fucking Twitter, or the internet for that matter. If I was concerned about shielding myself from negativity, I'd have to go and live under a rock somewhere far, far away.

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'Grats! Hope you find time to get 5 minutes of sleep at some point in your life!

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@humanity said:

Regardless 4chan is a terrible place.

Sometimes completely unmitigated, unfiltered discussion can be a morbidly fascinating thing for some.... Like myself. It's terrible but it has its purpose, like a colostomy bag.

The stuff from Polytron definitely wasn't /v/, at least it wasn't a large collective effort. Like someone else said, it could have well been a user of the site for all we know. But saying shit like that text on Polytron's page on /v/ would get you banned and lambasted pretty quickly. Even if I personally don't like the dude, this stuff was definitely beyond fucked-up and uncalled for. He has my sympathy.

But yeah, this is all a fuckin' mess, and the sooner it goes away the better. I haven't really fully looked into all the facts (as, at this point, its kind of hard to find them) but the claim that this is related to corruption in the journalism industry seems a bit far-fetched to me. There really hasn't been compelling proof to suggest otherwise. Other than that, private affairs should be discussed privately... Should be, but that never stopped people. Not in high schools, social cliques, or the internet. People that this information didn't pertain to would freely gossip about it if they heard of it anyway, and I think when this stuff gets out, when your name is already a bit out there, the public reaction to it is going to be a little bigger. Not much to be done about it, other than ignoring it. But yeah, this whole shitfit seems really pointless and winded to me. Let it die.

Sorry I edit my posts like 20 times.

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Ryckert. I..... just know it.

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Are they planning on playing through the whole series?

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So, uh... How 'bout that online multiplayer?