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Oh, yeah. Not being able to repopulate enemies at lanterns, do stuff like repair your weapons, insert blood gems, etc at lanterns, or set one that's already activated as your spawn point without heading back to the dream is also really shitty on top of what I mentioned earlier. Lanterns/bonfires in this game are way worse than DaS 1 and 2. If these are deliberate design decisions, I can't say they're very good ones. They just add a small, unnecessary amount of tedium and wasted time. Don't get me wrong, I'm still loving the game a lot, but it does feel like a step back in a few small ways from the Souls games.

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The lack of build variety, FPS drops when PVP/co-op, no red sign soapstone equivalent, the hunter enemies having fucking unlimited ammo and spamming their god damn gun, not being able to quick travel between lanterns (you have to go back to the hunter's dream and then pick a lantern. Why can't I just travel from the lantern I used in the world? It's just another shitty extra load time), sometimes rolling and getting stuck into walls, and having to farm for blood vials. I thought the Estus system in Dark Souls 1 was perfect, farming for healing items really just feels like a pointless, boring timesink, especially with these load times. I'm probably missing something else.

And not related to my game, but my DS4 analog stick is fucking up, when I point it in a very specific direction, my character will walk rather than run, and that has led to a lot of annoyances in this game. I'm not too fond of the idea of having to spend 60 bucks on a new controller to replace a controller I've hardly ever used. The launch DS4s just seem to have really shitty build quality.

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Nope. When I watch movies or anything else it's because I want to and not out of any sort of obligation to have movie credentials. I'm sure I'll catch it one of these days.

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@dirtyrandy said:

@nardak: I really don't think he "decided to leave Giant Bomb".

That's the other thing. And I got that feeling too. That he was running down the clock and the writing had been on the wall since he moved. For the kind of site GB is, there's not a lot they can do with someone out by themselves in Chicago who specializes in news breaks. Its less "moving on up" than it is "he found a new gig during his departure window".

Patrick himself said that it was his personal decision to leave Giant Bomb in the comments of his farewell article. Unfortunately, the comments seem to be closed. I'll take his word for it.

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I'd rather game ads than McDonald's or Mountain Dew. But award shows have always existed to promote the medium they're a part of. Doesn't really bother me, honestly.

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I would say compared to recent years, yeah, it has been.

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Thanks guys, I found these two videos on Youtube which seem to condense all the important Mass Effect 1 and 2 cutscenes into a movie of sorts. I'll probably watch those, watch a bit of a let's play of Mass Effect 2 to remember the controls and mechanics, and then finally finish it. Probably going to re-read everything in the Codex because that's honestly my favorite part of those games. Such a well-realized universe and history there. And it's good to hear that Mass Effect 3 is great for the most part, it seems like the last 30-40 minutes is the most polarizing part of the game, and that may have soured a lot of people on the whole experience, which is understandable, really. I'm still looking forward to it though, thanks guys.

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Having this issue as well, Windows 7 and Chrome.

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Hi Giant Bomb, I'm in a bit of a weird situation.. One of my friends brought up Mass Effect and that reminded me of something. I've finished Mass Effect 1 in its entirety and enjoyed it. I played all the way through Mass Effect 2, recruited all the party members, did all of their quests, got right to the end, and RIGHT before the final mission some shit came up in my personal life that distracted me from the game. I was away from it for so long that I just kind of lost interest in playing it and never finished it. That was 2 years ago.

But now I have a sudden hankering to finally end the story on my Shepard, finish Mass Effect 2 and then finish Mass Effect 3. I'm just curious if anyone has anyone ever been in a scenario like this, especially with Mass Effect? If so, how did that work out for you and how did you remedy it? I'm considering going back and watching an abridged movie of Mass Effect 1 and 2, watching to all the way up to where I left off. Do you guys think that would be adequate? I realize that the best thing to do would be to play through them both again, but don't know if I'd want to spend 60 hours or so playing through both of them again. If so, does anyone have any good recommendations for catching up on the story? And I guess finally, is the third really even worth playing?