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I've been listening to all their E3 Bombcasts from 2008-2012 over the past month or two, and I am constantly reminded of how awesome Ryan was as a host, especially with large groups of drunkards. He could seamlessly go from restoring order to issuing a sick burn to a guest in such a genius way. Truly a master of his craft.

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Shovel Knight!!!!! I was totally excited about it ever since I backed it on Kickstarter and it turned out to be awesome and everything I wanted it to be. That's my pick for the BIG success.

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Yes, definitely. Especially WarCraft 2.

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@lesaboteur: I think Jeff needed these guys to be in SF so they could work with the guys directly in the office. Drew obviously needed another staffer around to help with the video production in the office and they needed another person to be present for Quick Looks and Bombcasts right there.

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I already love this game! Seriously, I've been stoked to play this since PAX East 2013 and it did not let me down. The graphics, the gameplay, the music, the style, the comedy...I am taken back by how awesome this has turned out. I hope it's a long game.

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Well said! I always love GB's E3 coverage, and having them talk over the press conferences was a genius idea, cause it was way more interesting than watching them normally. It's really cool to see their genuine reactions when they first see a trailer or hear a giant new announcement, instead of them recalling it hours later.

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Is there an alternate reality where this thread makes any freakin sense?

Just turn your screen upside down.....yup, NOW it makes sense.

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That kids face says it all

Is this kid angry because the game is crap, because he has no idea why that "antique" television is so fat, or because he's wearing a black t-shirt over a black long sleeve shirt in the desert without sunglasses while squinting at a screen totally in the bright, hot sunlight?

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In Disney's Aladdin for SNES, you defeat enemies by either throwing apples at them or jumping on their heads. The enemies then suddenly bounce off-screen in a screaming pose, so they're technically not dead, just in perpetual limbo.

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i think the panels are in reverse order