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While I tend to agree with Manveer that criticism and reviews should probably be separate and have very different purposes, this is an incredible piece of gaming journalism and I can't wait to read the rest. Keep them coming, Patrick!

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Start with the gift opening. Then I'll probably fit in a little playing of some games. Later on, my wife and I go to a friend's house for turkey, Doctor Who and lots and lots of Wine.

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Damn, I may need to purchase another Guitar Hero game. Haven't done that since 3.
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My only question is: Game of the Year, or Game of the Millenium?
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The awesome rating for this relies on a few things for me: 
1.  The cost (hopefully $0)  
2.  The games broadcast live 
3.  The availability to watch PTI, the only sports yelling show worth watching.

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I've been loving the Michael Ironsides impersonations: "These Steak-ums aren't fresh enough" "Pepperoni and Sausage Take-n-bake pizza"

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Rock Band: Elton John confirmed.
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@nail1080 said:

here's a tip, get the 53000 kills achievement first (look up a guide on teh interwebz to get to the car park). That will boost your level really high and hopefully you will have a better understanding of the lay out of the mall. Now sit back and enjoy killing zombies and cleaing the story mode with your awesome level 50 powers! "

How long does that take? Because grinding a bunch before a game gets fun does not sound very appealing.

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Last time I tried this, it ended up in general discussion, so hopefully this works. 

Am I missing something here, or are you expected to die and restart the game a few times before finishing all the way through? I played this game shortly after it shipped and it seemed impossible to make it through the game starting at level 1. I put it on my gamefly queue to give it another shot and I'd like to know how everyone else played through it. Is it expected that a successful 3-day survival only happens after you start with a few levels under your belt?  

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