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I get way too drunk too often. I had to replace my phone 3 times in San francisco. One iPhone 4 and two iPhone 5c's. I suck.

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I never got a chance to play these games, but the last couple of free game sales have been astounding. How did everybody else feel about these selections? Good for PS Plus?

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@jking47: It's more the fact that he thinks he's excusing himsef and getting off the hook by being a rat. That's annoying. I would love to see all of the guys that used steroids get hung out to dry, but the way he did was just embarassing.

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@pimblycharles: Honestly, I think it's just because he's an all around piece of shit who thinks he is holier than thou. He also seems to think he did everyone a huge favor by narcing on a bunch of people for using steroids when he himself was a roided out dick head. I just don't like him because he cheated in baseball and that's my sport. No respect for him.

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Sooooo, apparently Jose Canseco's finger fell off during a poker tournament........ @danryckert


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I'm so disappointed with people sometimes...do your thing Brianna.

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Happy Birthday you joyous bastard! I miss the heck outta ya!

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MGS 2 and 3, bioshock 1, the last of us and Zelda: a link between worlds most recently. Great game.

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