My first omegle experience....

Was hilarious.  


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: sup

Stranger: m or f

You: m

You: u?

Stranger: f

You: i see, what are you doing now

You: bored? or you just come on here for kicks

Stranger: im rubbing my clit

Stranger: im on for fun

You: how big is your clit

Stranger: its medium sized and throbbing

You: it's throbbing? you might want to see a doctor about that

Stranger: know im just super horny

You: so what are you going to do about that

Stranger: use your cock

You: over the internet?

You: i've never done that before

Stranger: how old are you

You: depends

You: how old are you

Stranger: no tell me you first

Stranger: ill fuck any age

You: i vote you go first

Stranger: hey just tell me i want your cock you seem under 16 am i right?

You: wrong

Stranger: under 18

You: wrong again

Stranger: over 20

You: yup

Stranger: well then fuck me

Stranger: im 19

You: i said i don't know how to do that over the internet


You: if it was in person it'd be a different story

Stranger: just imagine me grabbing your cock

You: with what

Stranger: my hand and making your tip rub my clit

Stranger: i moan and force you in

You: i'm more of a feet type person

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Slow and steady wins the race.

So if you remember me mentioning in a previous blog, I said I made a deal with my dad about him playing through Red Dead Redemption.  Figured I'd give anyone who's interested an update on that.  Although I should tell you a few things about my dad first.  My Dad is 60 years old.  He doesn't know his actual birthday, but he was born in 1950, in the middle(not sure where) of the island of Jamaica.  Grew up poor, got an education, and moved to Toronto, Canada.  Lived there and then came to Edmonton as a welder.  Decided to become a teacher and has been doing that for 30-some years or so.  Technology blows his mind.

He is a wise old man for sure.

Since I purchased Read Dead about 2 weeks ago.  He's sat down and played about 3 hour and a half sessions.  So far he's really in to it.  He loves John Marston already and is absolutely shocked at how real the game looks. He's gone in to hysterical laughing fits because of little things he's done or random little things that have gone on around him and hasn't even done the mission where you race against Bonnie yet.  

What's the first controller you held?  Did you know how to hold it?
Seeing him try to figure out how to hold the 360 controller for the first time was amazing.  Holding it so that his middle and ring fingers were on the bumpers and triggers so that he could get his pointer fingers on to the joysticks.  I obviously corrected him right away but it was still funny.  The first session was super long for me.  Seeing him try and figure out the movement and how the camera works came to the point of him trying to hand me the controller to get me to do it.  But I told him that if he is going to get any better that he has to do it himself.  It was weird hearing me say something that I've definitely heard him say to me in my younger years. 
Knowing that RDR movement controls aren't the best, I knew this was going to be quite the learning curve for him.  But the easiest way to explain it, and the thing that seemed to clear it up quite a bit for him was telling him that the right stick was controlling his head, and the left stick controls his body.  But the direction of the left stick is always in relation to where you head is facing. 
The first session ended after getting shot at Fort Mercer and waking up at bonnie's.  He said he was tired and needed to go take a nap, which is understandable because he's old and not a regular gamer.  I told him that he couldn't save it until doing the rounds with Bonnie, but I knew barely being able to run around, he wasn't going to be able to shoot Rabbits very well, or Coyote's while riding a horse.  So I ran through that part quickly while watched and we ended it there. 
Sessions 2 and 3 have just been him running around getting a feel for the controls, shooting and riding or whatever.  He went on a complete laughing fit, to the point of crying, because he shot some random guy off his horse then looted his body.  Thought it was just the funniest thing since Seinfeld.  I have never been one to mind watching someone play through games, so it isn't a big deal for me even though he says he feels bad with me just sitting there.  But I laugh with him and he seems to lighten up.  It's not the same intensity of laugh that he is giving but it's funny either way. 
Something that did surprise me though, is that after every one of his sessions, he asks me to load up my save and do some random whatever stuff.  He likes to see what is coming to him in the game I think.  See's me in whatever costume, with a bigger gun than him, doing things that he hasn't gotten to see yet.  He has already said a bunch of things that are breaking generalizations about video games that he had before.  Saying he can't believe how good I am at the game, or how it's so much harder than playing music. (He is a musician, plays 4 different saxophones and writes music.) But he also says that it's really fun so far and wants to get good like me, which is really what I wanted to hear.  I'm glad he's liking it as much as he is though, finally finding entertainment now that he understands what it really is.  Even if he isn't progressing with the story at all yet, he's having fun and when he's good enough he'll get to it. 
I've been playing through on my own time as well.  I just got in to Mexico. 
Oh and also, my room is clean as fuck.

Why the fuck are you complaining?

I really just need to rant right now.  I had a great 4 day weekend, and this is a 4 day work week.  SO I should be happy and dandy and whatever.  But for some reason I'm pissed off about something so I need to just fucking write about whatever comes to my mind. 
First thing that comes to mind is why the fuck does everyone complain so much.  I'm not talking about the internet, because obviously the anonymity of it allows for complaining and whining and whatever.  So that I'm ok with, because I don't have to read or think about the majority of shit that is around.  I'm talking about real life though.  Everyday people, that complain about absolutely everything they possibly can.  Maybe it's just the people that I am hanging around or something like that.  But all I hear people doing is fucking whining.  Like the world is out to get them or something.  Why can't we just be happy all the time.  "AHH FML THIS FML THAT."
Personally, I'm not much of a complainer.  Unless shit is building up to the point where it is really throwing me off.  Otherwise, whatever, I can sit through 2 hours of Country music in my girlfriend's minivan on a road trip, it's not a big deal.  I have bought every single gaming system I have ever owned, and all the games, never was a single one ever given to me.  I always asked my parents to buy me them, but my mom would just say "No", then when I complained she would reply with, "Life isn't fair Tyrone."  
Maybe it is because of her I am so tolerant of absolutely everything that is presented to me.  Of course there are times when I would like to say something as a complaint, but obviously it isn't going to do ANYTHING other than make me look like an unhappy little bitch, so I have to consciously keep my mouth shut and walk away.  Though I make comments every so often, and the ones who never stop complaining, ask why I'm complaining.  Every time that happens I almost lose my shit.  My comments aren't even NEGATIVE nevermind a complaint, and chances are, whatever it is I'm commenting about, would be better if it could somehow take my comment in to consideration.  
Next is all these fucking indecisive people now-a-days.  Like what the fuck?  My girlfriend can be placed in this category. Maybe this is subliminally just a rant about her.  But whatever. I have tons of other friends and people that do it as well.  Is it that these people were just babied to the point they feel like they don't have to think at ALL anymore?? One of my friend's will ask me to hang out. Then ask me what I want to do.  And will continue to say "I don't know, it's up to you." Until I come up with something.  And because I'm not some fucking idiot (or maybe I really am the idiot) I always end up deciding.  Lately though I just continue to say I have no idea, until the conversation ends and we don't end up doing anything at all.  Is it the responsibility of having your decision effect someone other than yourself?  I seriously don't know how these people live their lives without me to stand there to say, "Oh yes, I'm hungry too, we should eat...Ya we should eat pizza...Ya we should get extra cheese... Ya we should get a 2L of coke with that...and yes, let's get it delivered..etc."  Are these people lacking in confidence in their decisions so much that they can't make a single choice without thinking that someone is going to criticize them for it? Or am I just such an asshole that when someone asks me something, I can answer honestly without having to consider who's question I'm answering. 
Finally, I must rant about self-centered-ness.  I understand talking about yourself sometimes, when you have something in your life, that pertains and contributes to the conversation.  That's awesome, keep the conversation close to home, so you can relate, and keep it personal.  You know, even if there is a lull in the conversation and it could have been continued, but you have this thing on your mind about yourself that is kind of awesome, go ahead and speak it to change the topic.  But holy fuck I will slap the next person that brings some random shit up about themselves during the middle of a conversation.   
Example: We're talking about Walrus', and shit that Walrus' do, awesome, Tusks, Blubber, random conversation whatever.  What's that? You say you went and saw your baby cousin last week and she almost took two steps?  I DON'T FUCKING CARE.  One, who the fuck cares, all babies walk, it happens eventually.  Two, who the fuck cares. Three, I could care less about your baby cousin that I'll never meet.  Four, is it a baby cousin Walrus? Because if you were paying attention at all to this pointless but hilarious conversation it fucking better be. 
Woa, I actually feel a bit better now. Anyone understand what I'm saying?


A Dream is Just a Wish That Your Heart Makes.

Been exactly two weeks since I blogged.  It's weird how I can just put it off until I feel like I have something to actually write about.  Then I realize that I have so much to write about it's going to take me an hour to write the damn thing.  But here it goes...
I had somewhat of an epiphany the other day.  It struck me quite suddenly, as I was sitting around trying to figure out which game I wanted to play.  I was having a tough time

trying to decide if I wanted to level my rogue in WoW.  Or play some Team Fortress 2.  I wanted to hit level 60 by the end of that weekend.  But didn't have any rest xp stored up and didn't really want to grind anything that isn't worth double what it could be.  On the other hand, I have been playing quite a bit of TF2 so it is getting a little repetitive.  The game is still awesome to play and everything, I just can't play it too much or it loses it's fun aspect pretty quick.
So mindlessly hovering over these two icons on my desktop, I came to my sudden realization...  
It doesn't fucking matter what game I play.
I glanced at my little shelf of games, and realized that I don't have a single S-Rank.  I'm not a completionist, I don't give a fuck if I %100 a game.  I play it for as long as it entertains me, then I move on, with no regrets.  There are games I play because I want to play through them, whether they entertain me for the whole time or not.  Most can hold my attention for the duration of the game, but there are others that don't.  I want to play too many different games to actually care about how far I am in a certain game or if I'm going to finish it.
Now I don't know if that actually makes any sense to any of you... But gaming in the past two weeks has been a completely different experience for me.  It has made gaming so much more enjoyable not thinking of it as "I need to finish this game."  Just play it because it's fun. And the weird thing about it all is, I've been doing more things other than gaming.  I spent all day on the 15th doing yard work, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Not having a single thought to the effect of, "I should be inside playing games".
I don't care about achievements, or S-Ranks, or Trophies, or any kind of reward for playing a game.  The only reward that matters anymore to me is actually playing the game.
It feels great, I hope you all feel this way towards gaming one day if you don't already.  Maybe I'm just riding the short bus.
But anyways, what's that? What have I been playing? Well..
Most important first because, fuck that "Best for last" shit.


I always planned on playing this game, but never got around to it.  I used to be so excited for TF2 and then found out about "The Orange Box" and it sounded like an even better purchase.  But at the time of it's release I think I was a poor student, or something like that.  So I skipped passed it for one reason or another.  But when I purchased The Orange Box about a month ago I knew I would be able to give Portal a try pretty quickly.


  That game was awesome.  The puzzles that are so simple, as soon as you start thinking about them, you are thinking to hard.  There are few games where one can say, "I don't have anything bad to say about that game." It took me just under 3 hours to finish the main game without touching any of the challenges or anything like that.  I heard it was closer to 5 though.  How long did it take you guys?  I'm sure most of you have played it so I won't say anymore about it, other than tell you about the conversation with my girlfriend as she walked in the room while I was playing it.
Katie: What is that?
Tyrone: New-old game I bought called Portal.
Katie: Oh, what's a portal?
Tyrone: Well, like a black hole type thing. Watch, I shoot to make the opening, then I shoot the other one to make the exit. Now I can walk through one and come out the other.
Katie: What? I don't get it. (I shoot two portals on either side of a hallway)
Tyrone: I don't know how to expla...
Katie: Who is that girl. (I'm looking at myself through a portal)
Tyrone: That's me, because I'm standing in the room that the portal goes to which is really this room.  So when I go into this blue portal, and come out of that orange one.  I'll end up standing right where I am now.
Katie: Can we play Peggle?
I could literally see her mind 'splode. It was amazing.


I picked this up for 5 bucks during a steam sale just because I heard Brad mention it was good.  I've NEVER done that before.  Usually I research games like fucking mad before I buy them.  But it was 5 bucks so whatever right?  I didn't end up playing through all of it, but did get a solid 3 hours in.  Due to having about half of the available character upgrades I figure I'm about halfway done the game.
Quite an interesting game.  A brief description, "Physics based, 3D, 2D side scrolling, action/adventure, puzzle game."  The game has an interesting story and such great depth to it.  It just sucks you in more each level.  One of those games where you finish a level, and then say, "Ah, just one more."  I think I chose to play through it on hard. But I'm not finding it very hard at all.  Basically you have 3 characters to choose from, but you can swap through them instantly during the levels by pressing either the 1,2, or 3 key.  You have the choice between a Theif, a Wizard, and a Solider.  I won't give away the story but basically, your souls are trapped inside the "Trine", which is kind of another realm.  Trying to get out of the "Trine" is your goal.  Your souls take on your bodily form so you can die, but can be brought back to life because it's not your real body. Just an image of your body.
I think my favorite part of the game is the crazy combos you can do between using characters abilities and switching characters.  You walk in to a room and pull off awesome things when enemies spawn.  Example: 3 enemies spawn, You switch to soldier and charge enemy #1. Switch to Theif to grapple away and launch yourself in the air. Switch to Wizard in mid air to make a giant box appear above enemy #2 that falls and crushes him. Switch back to thief as you are falling to charge your arrow.  Shoot when right when you land at enemy #3. Switch to soldier and charge at enemy #1 again then hit him with your sword to kill him.  Then back to thief to finish off enemy #3 via arrows.
Now that sounds complicated, and probably is much more complicated than it needs to be.  But fuck, doing that shit is fun as hell.

Red Dead Redemption

Of course right?  I saw this game a long time ago and it looked interesting.  Then when all this hype built up for it and everyone on GB couldn't keep there dick down because of it, I lost complete interest in it.  I didn't say I wasn't going to buy it or anything like that, I just wasn't buying in to the hype from what I'd seen.  But ended up watching the Quick Look yesterday and it intrigued me.  Then I read a review that was bashing the game for it basically being "GTA IV with a western skin."  That pretty much sold me on the game.  The guy in the review was bashing it and whatever but I really enjoyed GTA IV and western has always been an interest for me, so I decided I would buy it.
 The Best Kind of Daddy
But there was one more thing that helped me in my decision, I'll explain.
My Dad and I have a weird relationship.  I respect him, and he provides what he can for me.  Our family isn't really wealthy or anything like that.  But we aren't in trouble financially at all either.  My Dad is an interesting person though, people love him because he is entertaining.  He honestly puts on a show with his tricks everytime we go out somewhere.  Whether it be juggling, or monologuing The Night Before Christmas at Christmas parties, or many other random attention grabbing things.  He is an awesome guy and that is great, but he hasn't been a good father.  Maybe I just have some fucked up Daddy issues or something.  But this is how I see it.  He is a teacher before he is a father.  Keep in mind, teaching is his profession as well.  So I can't blame him for it carrying over because it is just natural for him.
I have never felt that my Dad has been proud of me.  We have totally different interests.  We can hardly keep a conversation for more than 15 minutes.  I still live at home, but I can go 2 or 3 days without even seeing him sometimes and it doesn't even cross my mind.  I've just come to accept that he doesn't understand, or try to understand me at all.  Not to say I haven't tried to sit down with him and talk about it, or spend time with him doing what he likes to do. We went to Atlanta over New Years this year to visit some of his family, and I bought some NFL tickets. He always says he wants to go see an NFL game.  So I bought 2, and he said to me, "You only bought two?"  I said "Ya of course, you and I, it'll be awesome."  But for some reason, he didn't want to go... I ended up going with my Mom and had a great time (Falcons are my favorite team).  But damn that didn't feel good at all.
So whatever, I figure I'm going to keep trying whether he figures it out or not.  And turns out, HE LOVES WESTERN SHIT.  For Christmas I bought him a bunch of Gunsmoke seasons and he went nuts and has rewatched them many times already.  But I figure he needs to learn why I like gaming so much.  So I'm going to force him to play through Red Dead Redemption.  Because we still live together, and I don't keep my room as clean as he'd like, I made a deal with him.  I'll keep my room clean as fuck, for as long as it take to play through this game.  I have to keep it clean because he'll be playing in my room.  By the time he is done maybe I'll pick up a good habit of being somewhat responsible about cleanliness.  And maybe he'll finally learn why I'd rather play video games than sit with him and watch sports.

I haven't started the game myself yet, but I will be playing through it.  I hear it's got some bugs? But oh well I'm sure it'll be good.  It looks pretty fucking awesome that is for sure.


That is about all I have to say today. Plus I just wasted an hour and a half at work and might want to actually get something done today.
Oh also I've been working on leveling a rogue to 80 in WoW.   Hit 64 yesterday.
And I have been keeping up on my SSFIV.  Looks like Ibuki is my babe, which is awesome because it looks like everyone hates her.  Winning more matches every day, all I do is play ranked unless a friend wants to play.  People online are cheap fucks its stupid but whatever.  I hate charge style characters with a passion.  A character that is based around the "backwards" motion is a fucked up idea.  I played a Boxer a couple days ago that wouldn't leave the crouch position.  I basically threw mass kunais at him from across the screen until the round ended and I won.  I don't like playing a game of "sit and wait till you get attacked." But if the other guy is going to try and play like that.  I will be an asshole too.
Hope you enjoyed the read.
Here's the song where I got my title from.



So I'm super bored at work because they told me they were going to give me something to do.  Then told me to old off on doing it because they weren't sure about some of the details.  But then didn't give me something else to do instead.  But who am I to complain? I don't know if any of you actually read this but fuck I need something to do.
What games have I been playing you may ask?

Gears of War 2. (Minor Spoilers)

Through a cousin of a friend of a co-worker, I was able to pick this up for $15 dollars brand new.  So I said why the hell not!  I played through the first one and played quite a bit of the multiplayer in it as well.  And the 3rd is coming out soon so I'm going to need to know how the story carries on.  But I had heard a few of my friends ranting and raving about how amazing this game is.  
 How I loved you Carmine...both of you.
I am disappoint. I feel like they are going too back and forth with the story.  Almost trying to make it more epic than it really is.  I'll admit the game looked really good and that added to a lot of the effects they were trying to pull off with the storyline though.  Sinking Jicento wouldn't have had nearly the same effect if it didn't look so amazing. It seems to me that the biggest draw to that game right now is the characters.  Dom got a little selfish with his Maria issue. Marcus seems to have some kind of hidden incentive other than saving the human race.  Cole just loves to shoot stuff and pretend its all a big ass game. Baird is still a back-talking asshole but seems to be a bit more co-operative.  And Carmine dies again, but who saw that coming?  Even though I knew it was coming it still came as a bit of a shock.
I played through the game in 2 sittings with a friend of mine. Co-op split screen isn't too bad but it really cuts out some of the viewing area.

All in all it was just more gears.  From what my friend's were saying I was expecting to be blown back in amazement by the game so that didn't help me when I found out it was Gears 1, but 2 instead, and the gameplay improved a bit.  When 3 comes out I kind of hope there is some kind of new aspect to it but this time I won't be expecting it.  So I'll be ok with Gears 3 being just more Gears. 
How'd you like the game?

Starcraft 2 Beta

I got hooked up by a friend of mine with one of the key's.  I don't know how he got it nor do I care all that much but it gave me a chance to dabble a bit.
What is going on?!?!

This game is effing crazy.  I played maybe 3/4 of an original Starcraft match in my life so I knew this was going to be a huge jump/learning curve for me.  I played a lot of Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne but Starcraft for some reason never caught my eye as much as it should of.  I hopped into a 1v1 novice match to mess around with some units or whatever.  Obviously I'm going to get my ass beat in due to having no idea what is going on. But wow.  That game looks so amazing.  The depth of the tech tree.  And the detail/variety of the units.  The expansions on the sides of buildings. Everything in that game is so well thought out it just amazes me every time I think about it.
Turns out I lost that match I decided to play.  I don't know if I really want to get in to that game at the moment though I might just wait till it actually comes out instead.  The amount of work and thought it's going to take just to wrap my head around a simple base build is going to take a while.
Where the hell do you even begin with a complicated game such as this?

Plus I've got a bet with a friend that I can beat him at ...

Super Street Fighter 4

Take your shirt off.
He is a huge fighting game fan and has been playing anything that consists of two players fighting for as long as I've known him.   The only thing I've ever touched is DOA 4 but I'm pretty good at that I must say.  I keep waxing his ass in DOA 4 which he plays a lot as well so he keeps piping back with a bet that I can't beat him at SSFIV.  When I'm ready I get to challenge him, it'll be first to 5 wins and winner gets 50 bucks.  I've been playing that as much as I possibly can and actually am improving quite rapidly.  I never realized how much a different game 2D fighters are than 3D fighters.  Taking out the 8-way movement allows you to focus much more on other things.
I've been flopping around between Cammy, Guy, Ken, and Fei Long.  I haven't really chosen a "main" yet but those seem to have my favorite play styles from any video's I've seen and what I've played with them so far.  If anyone wants to play me I'm more than up for it.  I have it on PS3 and my ID is "fwylo".
Oh, and I've been playing a bit of Team Fortress 2 and all I have to say is, that game is Awesome.
Also I've been thinking about recording game footage and doing some video editing and what not.  Anyone know anything about that?  I know capturing video on PC can be done with FRAPS.  Do I need some external device to do it for my PS3/360? Also, what video-editing software is good? Is there some free one that will introduce me to some basics before I have to go out and buy one?
Thanks for reading if you did.  

Reviews vs. Previews


I've noticed a certain trend among game sites and it got me wondering something...

Now not all writers are like this obviously and i should hope they all try not to be, but it happens...a review is biased or the writer personally doesn 't like a certain aspect of the game.  So you go and find the person who's views most represent yours, to get their opinion to see if you should actually give any certain game a chance.

 I'm a huge Afro fan so this game was awesome for me....YOU probably shouldn't play it

But I’ve noticed I barely read reviews anymore.  I used to read every review I could find on a game, and form my opinions based on what I saw was similar between the reviews.   But it led me to buy games that I actually wasn’t interested in.  Playing through them because someone else said it was good. It became a chore and I found myself saying, “ Ah, I have to finish ( insert game name)!! ”  But then I would see a game that didn't have very good reviews, or something that I was slightly interested in but it wasn't seen to be a "big" game release.  I would travel the internets and find what the game was supposed to be instead of what it " is" in a review.  That in turn would lead me to buy the game and I would turn out to love it.  Based solely on the fact that I thought it looked like something I would like.

 I don't know how many people out there strictly buy games based on their own tastes, opposed to buying games based on exactly what certain reviews say.  I have a few friend's that won't even touch a game if it doesn't get above a 70 metacritic rating, and sure they may have a sense of security in that. But it seems that when I ask them about the game, they just repeat things word for word from a review they read.  Before you even play the game, your view is blurred by the little voice in the back of your head that says, "Oh, watch out for that long loading screen between chapters." One of my friend's didn't even notice the faults of one version of a game until I made him watch a video on youtube that showed the differences.

Load Screens, but who cares!?

But that brings me to my point, why can't we just have the confidence in our own interests to buy a game?  Is it too much of a risk that a game might be terrible?  What if the other aspects of the game, like the fan service, make the other faults not seem too bad. I think it is because there isn't an easy place to find all the information that is needed.  It's hard to find a site or article that just has what the game is supposed to be, and not what someone thinks its going to be.  Maybe I'm just lazy and don't want to find the information myself but where are all the game previews?

Or maybe it’s the fact that I just don't go to the right game sites to look for them.  I think there are a few sites that do, maybe gametrailers does the odd one, and ign maybe, but who really likes those sites anyways.  But a certain man named Steve Tilley, who is a writer for The Edmonton Sun, always has previews .  He is a one man video game writing team for the Entertainment section of the paper (Sunday only) so he can't do things like write 4 reviews a week, or play through 3 games a week to get those reviews up.  So he chooses the biggest game for that week and usually writes a preview about it the week before if there isn’t a big review to write... Then promises a review about the game the next week.

Whether it be the new dialogue trees, or the new mark and execute mechanic, or the next assassin's story in the lineage.  I find there are a lot of things people don't know before they buy a certain game, that they should know is fact instead of opinion.  

 Honest enough to love babies.

So I've decided I'm done reading reviews, unless the GB crew puts one up because they seem to be the most fair of them all(and watching zero punctuation because it is usually hilarious).  I'm going to start buying games based on a personal like or dislike for what the game is supposed to be.  It could be a dangerous choice, but it seems the to have paid off with the last few games I've played.  But in my research I may as well put it all together somewhere.  So I'll be putting my "previews" up here in my blog for all to see.  So feel free to check back to see if there is a game you're interested in.  Or if there is one you would like to see then shoot me a message.  I obviously won't be doing ALL games, but definitely the important ones.  And will try to keep them as opinion free as possible.  I play all games, on all platforms so basically no limits.

I wish I had gotten this up a bit sooner, Splinter Cell would have been a good start with all the "new features" being brought to that.
Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you're interested.


Game Industry Positions

Hi everyone.
I've been thinking lately, as I'm sure much of you have as some point in your life.  "I want to get into the game industry."  As of right now I already have a full time job, I'm actually at work right now... doing PLC programming(if you know what that is). And I could go serious places with this job. But I feel I wouldn't be happy doing this for a lengthy amount of time in my life.  I know I have a passion for games and all things technology so I figure maybe I could get some information from you guys out there.  I know that there are developers and producers and all sorts of people from the industry out there in our community.  So maybe you can shed some light on your positions.
Tons of my friends know to come to me if they are wondering if they should try out a game or not.  I'm almost already a mini "critic" among my friends.  And if I can't tell them right away due to not playing it or whatever.  I know where the reliable sources for game reviews are.  But most people know the responsibilities of a critic right? Play the game and talk about it.  Is there anything more to it?
I have ideas for new games, a notebook full of things that haven't been put into games that could be great gameplay elements or storytelling features but who in particular does that at a game company?  Is there a title for that sort of job?  

What exactly does a game producer do?  Take Rich Gallup for example, I have no idea what he does at 38 studios.  Yet he's at all the big game conferences and is known quite well.  What do developers do?  As far as I know they are the people that build the game.  They are a team of designers?  
Personally I would say I don't have the hand for artistic design, whether it be on paper on a computer.  So that kind of rules that out of the question for me.  But I am a great people person.  I am comfortable on stage, people connect well with me, and I have a super friendly demeanor and am easily approachable.  Is there any room for someone like this in the Game Industry?
I've heard that the best way to get into it is just to grind it out and be a tester until you get the opportunity to move up.  But honestly, fuck that.  Sitting at the bottom while looking up and hoping is much worse than being somewhere else and looking across I would say.
So if you have any friends in the industry and you know what they do.  If you yourself is in the industry or you just know lots about it.  Help a brother out.  Any information would be appreciated.

Can Gaming Change the world?

  Here is a certain game designer that says we as gamers are changing the world.

Jane McGonigal (a 10-year game designer of projects such as the I Love Bees ARG for Halo 2) has a self-professed "crazy idea" -- that gamers have the potential to change the world for the better by doing what they're already doing. At her speech, people chuckle when she first says this, but twenty minutes later they're giving her a standing ovation.

She begins by stating the obvious: we are a gaming culture that flees the "broken" world to a virtual one that offers a better and more rewarding collaborative environment. "When we're in game worlds I believe that many of us become the best versions of ourselves," she said. "The most likely to help at a moment's notice, most likely to stick with a problem as long as it takes, to get up after failure and try again."

By using World of Warcraft as a primary example, Jane notes that gamers have spent over 5.93 million years playing the title for its sense of achievement, ease of collaboration, inspiring story and positive feedback. Through MMOs and single-player titles, she posits that gamers are becoming "virtuosos" at four things: urgent optimism (everything is always worth trying right now), social fabric (we like people better after playing a game with them), blissful productivity (we're happier working hard than relaxing) and epic meaning (we're attached to awe-inspiring mission and stories).

Her focus as a game designer is to bring video games to the real world, and in so doing, have gamers interact with the real world much like a video game to tackle its problems. She cited a few games she's created, such as World Without Oil, that have done exactly this. Jane hopes that by doing this, we will be as excited for an "epic win" when we solve problems like hunger, poverty, global conflict and obesity. 

  I can see where she's coming from with alot of her points and can actually relate to them.  Although some may seem a little extreme the do seem to have some kind of relevance.  I've noticed that through playing games I have become more tolerable of others, and there alot of things in games that I would set my mind to complete that there is no way I would even considering doing in real life.  Until realizing that there are similar things at a realistic level that I could complete.
What do you think?

KOTOR Continues: Day 5

Day 5

 Going to be seeing a bit more of Manaan
Damn, unproductive and frustrating session. I was planning on clearing Manaan yesterday....Not.

As I posted in the Day 4 description.  I mentioned that I would be running around to pick up some side quests and such which happened with no problems.  Guess some random Selkath was kidnapped or something by the Sith and I assume is somewhere in the base.  The other one is trying to find the reason that the Republic is trying to hire so many Mercenaries.
I couldn't find the guy to talk to about the Mercenary issue but I figured I'd do that later because I wanted to get into that Sith base and kill some dudes.  Everything was going fine in the base, I found the droid with the information for the Republic, and found the missing Selkath who was with a bunch of other Selkath that are apparently being trained in the way of the Force by the Sith.  I quickly let them know that the Sith are messing with them and will end up betraying them so I got some light points there.  
I then decided to explore the rest of the base just to not miss any sweet loot of course.  Bad decision.
 Everyone Loves Loot...

In the final room there are two Selkath Apprentices and A Dark Jedi Apprentice, and damn they are tough.  I highly underestimated them the first time and wad 3/4 health going in with all 3 characters. Bang! Dead in about 10 seconds.  This resulted in my jaw hitting the floor before I could catch it.  Kind of mad because I didn't expect a big battle like that so I didn't save before going into the room.  I ran through the Sith base again because it auto-saved as I went in which I thank the LORD for auto-save.  Did everything the same but of course a bit faster due to it being the second time.
 Never A Good Screen to See
This time I let myself heal up.  Used a bunch of stimulants and put my shields on. And opened the do... wait. Save Game.  Opened the door.  The fight lasted about 30 seconds this time.  Alright, I'm totally fine with games that have a bit of a challenge to them as the rest of the game has been pretty easy so far.  
Fast forward 8 game loads later.  What the fuck.  These guys are hard!  I've tried stunning the Selkath, and attacking the Jedi, that seems like the worst possible decision.  So far the strategy that has worked the best is to take out the Selkath first to focus the Jedi after.  I've gotten down to about 2 hits left on the Jedi and died.  At this point I tried to play one more time, in which the whole game froze up as the Jedi killed me.  As if you to say. "You aren't going to do this, go play a different game."
So I did. 
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