KOTOR Continues: Day 4

Almost been a month since I played this game.  Had to take a break over Christmas due to family things and a vacation to Atlanta for a week.  It was hard to get back into it when I came back.  I had seen so many trailers for other games and there are so many games I want to play right now it seems like a waste of time to be playing KOTOR so much.

But after some convincing from a certain (real-life) friend, @Mustard, I've started it up again.  I have to put some kind of limitation on it though, whether it be like an hour per session, or only a couple times a week instead of every day.  Someway to make it not seem like a burden just to find out the epic story of this game.

Day 4

I booted up my latest save file,  standing in-front of Juhani.  With no fucking clue what I just did or where I've been.  So I decided to just cruise around and explore the area.

First thing I found was that droid that woman was missing.  And this droid tells me the real story of why he's disappeared.  Turns out this woman is so goddamn bananas that the droid thought he had to run away because she was depending on it too much.  He gave me the option to lie to the woman for her own good, which I felt was the best thing to do.  She needs to not be a pussy and figure it out, so that was that.

Next was the cave with all the lightsaber crystals and such so ran through there pretty quickly nothing exciting there. Next I found some Manalorians that were fucking pissed that I killed some of their friends and wanted to fight me.  Simple battle, nothing special except dude had a lightsaber on him so now dual-wielding.

I explored the other areas and didn't find much anything else, a couple side quests. One about the murder and have to figure out who did it.  The other one was the feud between the two family's.  I didn't bother to do the family one but the murder one was pretty simple to figure out. 

  After exploring the rest of Dantooine I figured it was time ot head back.  Handed in a couple quests on the way(Droid/Woman and the Dad who wants revenge on the Mandilorians).  Finally arriving at the council who says good job with Juhani and my next mission is to figure out whats the deal with those ruins that Revan and Malak entered.  So after making my way over there I entered the ruins and spoke to the droid who spoke of Revan and Malak, and the builders and the star forge.  Simple task was given, defeat droids in room A and B to find out what is in room C.  Room C contained 1 of 5 parts of the map to the location of a star forge.  I really needed this point in the game because this is where the game really opens up.  Instead of saying we're taking you to this planet, you get to choose one of 4.

So after returning to the council they tell me that it is going to be my quest to find these maps to the star forge and that they are hidden on certain planets.  First planet I chose to go to is Manaan. Don't know why I chose this one I think it was the idea of a planet covered in water.  Like Water World with Kevin Costner or something.

Anyways, turns out the Sith and Republic are living in some sort of "Harmony" together on this planet because they have to.  The natives to this planet, the Selkath, know hot to harvest this Kolto stuff, the best healing agent ever apparently.  And are selling it to both the Sith and the Republic, but won't take sides because they don't want their planet destroyed by the opposing force.  I think the first quest I found on this planet was the actual story quest and not the mini quests because I was given the option to interrogate some guy, break a code on a pass card, or just bust into the Sith base. 

I chose to do the code breaking because I'm half decent at math and turns out it was pretty easy after all.  So I have to key code to get into the Sith base to fuck some shit up.  But I should probably explore the rest of the planet to pick up some side quests that I'm sure are in there.  This is where I saved and quit.

Turns out I played for like 3 hours when I was planning on only playing for about 1... Damn.

KOTOR Continues: Day 3

Day 3

Hello folks,
So if you've been following, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get any play time in yesterday as I had some stuff to do and a romantic dinner with my girlfriend planned (ended well if you were wondering...)
 Hurray for sound...

But you can always make time if you need so clearly I just half-assed everything that needed to be done.  Was able to fit in about an Hour and 20 Minutes of playtime bringing the total up to 6h and 18 mins, or so my save file says. And good news! Sound came back!!  I'm not sure exactly when it returned because I wasn't really listening for it but I noticed when I pulled my light saber for the first time.  Yes, MY light saber... Sick. But I"ll tell you about that when it comes up. Hurray for sound!  Something must have happened when I loaded the save up because the whole game seems to be playing smoother.  Higher fps and things look better as well.

 Yoda, but not actually Yoda.
I loaded up my save file standing in front of Zahn(not sure if that is his name).  But I spoke to him and he told me I was going to be put through some tests and I would have to speak to some people to find out the information that I needed.  I went and talked to the 3 standing in the Jedi Council circle.  The first dude told me the story of Revan and Malak, which is a crazy good back story.  The 2nd yoda-looking dude told me the Jedi Code and turns out the 3rd dude told me the exact same thing.  I didn't really want to run around the whole compound talking to everyone about Jedi stuff  and figured the council would have given me what I needed so I returned to Zahn.  First test, finish the sentences to recite the code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

Got that on the first go btw, I have a decent memory I'd say, and recited it here without looking it up again.
So Test One finished and passed Test Two is build your own lightsaber.  Send me back over to the council to talk to the first dude and he asks me about what the Jedi I want to be.  I've decided I like the combat side(Guardian) more than skills(Sentinel) or pursuasion(Consular) so I ended up choosing the Jedi Guardian.  So black dude gives me a blue crystal for my lightsaber.  Run back over to Zahn who says good job now build your light saber, which I'm kind of glad I didn't have to go pick up other parts running around the compound and such. I think they should have had a cut scene for the first time you pull your light saber though.  And it should be so epic you never forget it.  But no, just me starting to pull it out only to be paused by menu saying I picked up items.  But still awesome all the same. 

Test Three is me going to the grove to find some dark Force that is tainting the sacred grove making the local animal attack stuff.  A.k.a go kill some rats. No big deal I want to go cauterize some shit with my new shiny blue saber anyways :).   On my way I speak to everyone I can and switch up my party to Canderous and Carth.  I stopped and talked to Canderous for a bit to hear the story of his first battle.  That is one crazy story and actually had me mashing the button to hear what his next sentence about it was, very interesting.  But one girl I stopped to talk to told me to find some droid that her husband left her when he died.  When she told me about it I couldn't help but laugh due to the way she explained that this droid was to take care of her for the rest of her life.  Actually hilarious because all I could think of was a droid with like 18 different sized vibrators attached to it.
Anyways I run around the area looking for the grove killing all the rats in my way.  I got to Juhani, the jedi who killed her master because she feels held back.  Took her down pretty easy and convinced her that the council would take her back if she went over there and let them know she was sorry.  Some of the dialogue options during this conversation were pretty awesome I must say.  Made me feel pretty wise.
But that was where I ended for the day.  I feel like it was quite a bit to get done in that amount of time.  But I definitely got lucky with my first path being chosen leading straight to the grove so that killed quite a bit of time. I actually really like the planet of Dantooine. Its a good style to it. Pretty bad graphics compared to today, but thinking back it would have looked amazing at the time. 

Drinks ftw.

But thats all for today, might get in some play before going out to party tonight but we'll see. And I haven't decided if I'm going to play/post on the weekend. We'll see.

KOTOR Continues: Day 2

Day 2

Yesterday was a good day.  Got about 3 hours of playtime in.  Total of 5 hrs now.
But bad news... My sound went out again.  I was saving multiple times and had a few save files going just in case.  But they all load up the same way, with no character sounds... Basically no battle sounds(blasters/melee) and no footsteps.  Its such a huge difference but I don't want to restart again so it'll have to do and I don't mind that much anyways.  Takes away from it but doesn't wreck it for me.
Alright, some good progress yesterday. Started up by going through and killing that Rancor, which was much easier this time. Thanks, Sir_Ragnarok for the tip.  Going through the Vulkar base was also much easier as I had done it last time and knew to blow up the conduit in the Barracks.  I've been going through all the area's making sure I explore the whole map so I don't miss any sweet loot. Like the 2000 credits sitting in the Garage Loading Bay was an awesome.  That droid was kind of tough though with that Ice freeze ray thing he has. But 2 Plasma grenades and an Ion grenade did the trick.
"Mysterious Stranger"

After clearing through there Mr. Kinolo Moon ventured over to the Hidden Bek base to give the accelerator to Gadon who sponsored me in the Swoop Race.  Successfully saved Bastila from the evil Brejik and got her back safe to my apartment.  I decided to take another shot at the dueling ring to get some credits and xp.  It ended up being unreasonably easy to kill all of the duelists.  Except Starkiller was a bit of a challenge but I had enough Medpack's to get through it fine. I've been choosing the things that feel right, so most of them have been light side choices.  I thought there would be no harm in dueling that dude to the death and it turned out to give me some Dark side points. But no big deal I've got no problem with being a dark Jedi or whatever.
One Sick Ship
 It had told me to meet up with Canderous Ordo because he has some offer to make me.  He told me to break into the Sith base and steal the security codes so that we could steal Davik's awesome fast ship to get past the defenses of the Sith and bust off this damn planet.  Didn't have any trouble with that and ended up in Davik's secret estate where he told me I was his guest but wasn't allowed to leave basically.  So I ran through his estate killing all of his other guests and got a massage from one of the Twi'lek(sp?) slaves.  After killing Davik and his main Bounty Hunter, Calo Nord, we hopped on the ship and got a way just as Darth Malak made the decision to destroy the planet to assure that Bastila didn't get off of it.

So we go to all this trouble to get this crazy fast ship.  But then during the cut scene these dudes in these OTHER ships, which seem to be just as fast,  Decide to shoot at me.  Que short turret gameplay to shoot down ships.  Interesting, but kind of unnecessary.
Holy I did a lot yesterday I'm tired of typing this, hope its not too boring...anyways.
SO, Bastila is all like, "Yo crew, we need to go to Dantooine to see the Jedi Council there because I think Kinolo is a Jedi but I don't want to tell you that."  After getting there I go see the council with Bastila and they ask me about some stuff.  Which I probably answered like 8 questions with different wording of "Do I want to be a Jedi?"
Best part of the game so far?  The awesome training Montage of you fighting Bastila and floating shit with the Force! It was a wicked feeling watching that and hearing the voice in the background explain about Jedi stuff and you watching all that.  I'm like "Damn I've got talent just wait till I get a light saber."  This is where I saved my game again and was about to quit.  But I had to see what the Jedi council was requesting me for and I thought I might get a saber.  So I quickly ran over there and they started talking about Padawan's and Apprentices and 3 tests that I had to complete first, so I quit.
 "Upside down and Inside Out, Bout to show all you folks what its all about." - Tag Team
They mentioned something about choosing what kind of Jedi I want to be too but I didn't get to choose yet.  It doesn't really matter to me all I know is I want to hold my light saber upside down because clearly that better than right side up. 
But that was my run yesterday. I don't know how much I'll be able to play today due to I've got some shit to do that I've been putting off.  But I'll throw down an update again tomorrow if I play. I've noticed I've been going into much more detail already, if you guys want me to shorten it or its good like this let me know.  Really all this is, is something for me to kill time at work with aha!
Untill tomorrow.

KOTOR Continues: Day 1-1

Day 1-1

Had to be a subcategory due to the restart.
I ended up restarting due to the screw up in the save file that caused something to malfunction with the sound. But I am definitely already glad that I did because it is SO much better this way.  Even though I hate restarting games like that but definitely worth it for how long this game is going to be.
Decided to make a few changes in my character this time around though.  First off my new name is badass as fuck.  Kinolo Moon. 
.....Kinolo Moon. Yeah, I know. Also I went soldier this time instead of scoundrel just because I want this to be as combat based as possible for me.  But after leveling a couple of times and just Auto-level I checked my stats and noticed that no points were being put into pursuasion and my feats were being put into range based weapons instead of melee which I didn't want at all, so it looks like I'll be placing them in myself.  The lack of pursuasion was a huge factor for me already, I hated not being able to get some discounts or just bribe some people.  But we'll see where it goes from here.
Other than that most my decisions have been the same.  Going light side with all my decisions and fighting Dead Eye Duncan. Although I fought 2 finger guy about 2 hours in and defeated him this time around.  I can't decide if it was because I was duel-wielding last time or because I'm a soldier instead of a scoundrel. 
Rancor in KOTOR
I played for about 2 hours yesterday and things went alot smoother just knowing who to talk to and things like that and I just finished clearing out the sewers.  I got past that part last time and know that the Rancor that guards the Vulkan(SP?) base is just around the corner.  But last time I couldn't figure out what to do with that stuff you pick up to attract the Rancor.  It even gives you a data thing that says. "Put this on stuff so the Rancor will eat it".  But I don't know what to do with the serum. Last time I ended up just throwing grenades at it till it died which worked decently but cost me some credits so if anyone knows what I can do with the stuff it'd be awesome. I've been running around with Carth Onasi and Mission Vao in my party. That Zaalbar guy doesn't interest me too much and Mission is a sweet little kid.
 So today after work I'll pop back in and see how far I can get.  I think I'll get to the pod races and save Bastila but who knows.  I ended up giving the prototype accelerator to Godan of the Hidden Gek's last time and kind of liked how that panned out so I'll do that again. I just want to get off this damn planet and get me some fucking lightsabers!
Untill tomorrow.
Respect.......Kinolo Moon

Mini KOTOR Endurance Run

Hello Everyone(mainly Jeust because he's my only follower so far),
   My whole life I've skipped over RPG's, I think mainly thanks to the fact that its not constant action all the time.  Alot of the games I play may have a story but don't consist of the long played out dialogue(aside from MGS4 which was more of a movie.)  I got a new job a few months ago and am constantly online so I've been listening/watching the Persona 4 Endurance run, (Currently on Episode 112) and it has opened my eyes to the world of RPG's and how fun the non-fighting aspects of these games really are.  When I was in school a few years ago I played WoW quite a bit but it was a challenge for me to stay focused on it for a long time and really immerse myself into it like I wanted to.

So 2 weeks ago I decided to get into some kind of RPG that would take me about 60 hours or so.  A friend of mine suggest Blue Dragon so I started that up and found it to be much too easy.  Maybe I was doing something wrong or I have no idea but it wasn't a challenge at all.  Lately all the talk about Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 has definitely put Bioware on my new found RPG radar which led me to look into Star Wars: The Old Republic which I plan on playing for sure.
So a combination of Bioware looking very amazing at the moment, and wanting to know the story to SW:TOR has naturally led me to KOTOR.  So in theme of Giant Bomb I will be doing a mini Endurance Run through KOTOR.  I call it mini because I don't have the technology to do a video & voice capture like the GB crew so I'll be posting the next day on my progress through the game.  Obviously any feedback or tips on which way I should lead my future Jedi is much appreciated but God Damn no spoilers.  I hear there is one of the most epic plot twists EVER in this game. 
If enough people want I'll try and get some capture equipment to video log this as well.

But feel free to follow along and enjoy :).  
Yesterday I started up the game and ended up ditching my girlfriend and playing for 7 hours straight...

And so it begins.

Day 1.
I borrowed an Xbox Platinum Hits Edition of the game from a friend of mine.  Now I don't have an xbox so I decided playing it on my 360 should be fine.  I'm so used to playing brand new games now that this game's graphics are terrible.  Like I know they were great at the time and all but DAMN.  It seemed to be running smoothly, every so often I get some kind of spike and my character jumps forward a bit but I can live with that.
 San Dral.
 Male Scoundrel (I'll be doing automatic everything because I'm not into the whole full character customization thing.  Unless someone wants to give me a guide or something.)
I would like to give a full detailed account of everything I did yesterday in that 7 hours but there was so much that there is no way I remember it all.
Some key points:
  • All my decisions have been towards the light side so far.  (I feel bad any time someone asks me something so I offer to help but never just give credits away.)
  • Not equipping blasters just Melee on San.
  • Been to the dueling arena and defeated Dead Eye Duncan but not that 2 finger guy.
For those of you that know the story I've just bought the droid off Nail's and have entered the Sith base.  I died about 3 times and decided to call it quits after a solid 7 hours. It'll be more detailed next time because I won't play for as long and I was super tired yesterday.
About 3 hours in I died as well.  And when I loaded up my save file the sound is now FUCKED.  The music works, dialogue works, menu sounds work, but battle sounds don't aka blasters and melee weapons and items.  It wasn't that big of a deal and I'll live with it because I don't want to start again unless you guys suggest that I do so.

Ninja's live in Shadows.

Dear GBDC-C,  (last C for community?)
I put up an intro blog about 3 weeks ago which nobody replied to and I cried a little.  But whatever I figure I'll give it another try even if its for me to just write my thoughts down instead of telling you people whats up. If you have any feedback about my writing style let me know due to I've never really taken writing very seriously.
Now here's a review of Ninja Assassin for you.

Last night my girlfriend and I went to see Ninja Assassin.  Now I'm a huge fan of ninja's and always will be.  Not sure if it's just because they are the ultimate assassin or killing from the shadow's and such makes them super badass.  When I saw this movie trailer all I saw is some Ninja's cutting dudes up and obviously that is going to make for an awesome movie.  When I define awesome I mean  something that is going to be entertaining to me, but there are many different forms of entertainment to me. I look for 2 things when I see a movie: 1. Some crazy action.  2. A great plot mixed with great acting.  If one of those is there then I am entertained.  Some have both which is great such as Gladiator.  Others have only one.  Plot and Acting - "Notorious"(Which I highly recommend.), Action -  "GI:Joe"(Terrible overall but some fucking cool shit happens in that movie.)
Going into this movie I was thinking that it would have the worst plot ever with the worst acting ever and I was just going to see some Ninja's jump out of some shadows and cut fools up.  Now the latter of those 3 was definitely in the movie which left me happy in the first scene.  But when it comes to acting, when there even was any acting, it was good enough. Minus the black chick that is constantly worrying about shit which got on my nerves.  But there was so much constant action going on that because you're still catching your breath and thinking about the shit that just happened in the scene before, you barely have a chance to even catch any of the acting.  And to my surprise the plot actually made some sense.  I thought it was either going to be so crazy and twisted that it wouldn't make any sense.  Or just plain boring.  Although I'll say that the character development aside from the main ninja was pretty non-existent.
It seems that in movies like this there is always way too much blood or no blood at all.  This falls into the way to much category.  There is so much BLOOD in this fucking movie it was ridiculous.  That being said, obviously there is going to be a lot of blood because a lot of cutting a slicing and shit happens.  But I'm talking about the fact that in this Ninja world, everyone's blood is pressurized to an astounding PSI of OVER 9000!!!  You stab a guy, and its like putting your thumb overtop the outlet of a garden hose.  And bad choice in blood color as well, way too vibrant. 
One thing that was interesting is that Ninja's always know there are other Ninja's in the room.  He looks into a room that looks completely empty but he knows there are shadows and that is where ninja's live.  A second later there are Ninja's crawling out of every shadow possible...  Leads me to believe there are Ninja's everywhere waiting for you to make a mistake.
I think that is all I have to say about that movie.  I'll go with a 3 out of 5 on my entertainment scale which follows the rating system of GBDC.  Not a "Must-see" type movie but some crazy Ninja shit happens as you would expect and I definitely recommend it.  Not for the weak stomached though due to the amount of gore that is in it.
Anyways if you read through all of that I thank you and please leave a comment whether it be good or bad I don't give a fuck.


Lovin it.

Hey Guys and Girls,
I've been on the site for about a month I think (too lazy to look) and am loving it.  As I have just hit 100 posts and will probably be around for quite a while I figure I'll make myself a bit more known.  I've always been interested in trying to start up a Blog or something like that and I feel this is the place to get started.  Seems to me that the community here is very welcoming and fair, minus a couple douche bags but that is nothing out of the ordinary.
I've been a gamer since day one as far as I can remember getting my first system when my Uncle gave me his old NES.  I heard about Giant Bomb like 2 years ago when attending PAX'08 and a good friend of mine, (Mustard on the site) wanted to see the panel.  Loved the style of GB and the back story of how it was created definitely makes it that much better of a site.  Attended PAX'09 and decided to visit the panel again and definitely got hooked.
I own a DS, 2 360's, and a PS3 and I wouldn't call myself a fanboy to any certain company. I used to own a Wii but got rid of it because it was just sitting collecting dust, and also have a couple of the older systems that I could never imagine getting rid of. 
I guess I'll be writing about the games I decide to pick up as I don't buy many games at all.  Only ones that have any sort of long term replay value or some kind of collecting/personal value.  If I really want to play it I'll rent it and get as far through it as possible. Action/Adventure and FPS seem to be the games I play the most but I do dabble in some other things and really want to pick up Demon's Souls and get frustrated with that.
Anyways hopefully my first time with you didn't put you to sleep but I'll try harder next time I guess.
(I always leave with a "Respect." instead of a bye or ciao or cheers.  My Dad is Jamaican and always used it so I picked it up from him.)