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Especially considering this: http://www.giantbomb.com/dishonored/61-35850/it-wont-do-the-3-4-different-decisions-at-the-endgame/35-563037/

You didn't choose between 3 endings in the final mission which was cool but there weren't any multiple endings in that way. You only had the two unless you are a soulless dick and got the worst ending. But I think this is a case of looking at the journey not the ending. The journey affects the ending, not the final mission. But there should maybe have bin more player choice in that mission.

The game is very well done in many areas but at times feels rushed. The final mission was very unfulfilling. If there was any aspect of Deus Ex: HR that was lacking in this game then it was the conversation "battle" you could have with NPC's and convince them to do something or talk to them about their plans. The only interactions you had with characters was either killing them or putting them to sleep.

But no game is perfect and a I had a blast playing this one and it is a definite replay for me :)

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Actually started to like this game, I replayed the original a while back and hell it was abysmal, that game really needed a cover system and v2 has it. That being said the demo is free to play so I recommend testing it out. And I never got issues with my bullets not hitting, its so hard to say that your bullet should hit everything you shoot at considering bulletdrop and movement of targets. But I have one problem, the demo doesnt have sound masking, like the originals, when you could shoot at the same time a bomb would fall somewhere and therefore hide the sound and nobody could pinpoint your position :)

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Just finished the game and have bin following the discussion online about the ending. It is maybe hard to find an ending that satisfies everybody... but everyone can agree that they want to see concequences of their actions. I dont want a happy ending... the ending in all forms couldnt be happy, earth is destroyed, most species have lost their homeworld, so how can it be a happy ending even if Shepard lives and fucks his love interest as they start rebuilding the whole galaxy. I dont pretend to know how a better ending could had been done, but this ending does not even make sense.

For instance if the Reapers love the living things so much why do they destroy them, wouldnt it be easier just to make noah's arc and just keep them there intact? And in the final moments of the game you cant argue with the little brat and tell him the errors of his ways. You cant have any effect on the ending.

It was a very good ride, but in the end it was ruined. All I got was a text message that tells me to buy more dlc. And I dont buy the whole theory that Bioware just pulled one on us and that Shepard was indoctrinated or something. It just feels like the ending to that tv show that had bin running for so many years and the ending was that some girl was dreaming the whole thing.

But Im having thoughts that talking about this subject is stupid. There will never be another ending unless Bioware doles out some very good dlc which we would have to pay for anyway.

Im just still conflicted what to say or think about the ending, it just was so.... stupid. It was as if I just watched LotR The return of the king and in just before the scene where ring is destroyed there would be a message: Frodo is remembered as a hero!

But a good post, maybe the ending was something we all missed and only some spaced out writer at Bioware understands. Just maybe :)

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Mace of Molag Bal, it does great damage and you can trap souls in soul gems, which is very useful if you use enchantments, or if you dont use enchantsments you can capture souls and sell soul gems for a higher price :D

I'm lvl 31 so early on it really helps although guards are afraid of the mace, but hey you are the dragonborn so they can just STFU :D

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@mazik765: So youre telling me Lord of the rings didnt happen? Youre a bummer :)

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I know that in this game you find catpeople... and some lizardmen, which sounds ridiculous but they still make it cool (to the extent they can make catpeople cool)... and yes its their game and they can do what the fuck they want with it... but its so good that you kinda expect it to be perfect... thats what I'm saying... and I wouldnt care if the nords would sound like south-africans, because its a fictional world and the linguistics of it are open to any conclusion. Im not badmouthing the game... just saying that its too good and these flaws I see are very trivial compared to other games where you wouldnt see them because you would see other HUGE flaws.

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@LordXavierBritish: Amen to that!

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Skyrim as we all know is a huge game! And it has its problems... and I'm not going to complain about "trivial" stuff like framerate, graphics, save files, bugs (which are fewer then i anticipated) because its a great game.

The thing is that while i played around 40 hours I am falling out of sync with the game immersiveness. As a student in history I just cant get over the fact that the city of Windhelm is made of stone and everybody lives in stone houses and the game frequently reminds you how cold it is... wait are all the people retarded, stone houses are the coldest places to be, living in snow houses would be smarter. The game immersiveness has made me ask myself about all the small details of the world, and I'm not saying that those should be fixed, and making Windhelm a stone city is smart from design point of view. But the nord accents on whole are bothersome, wait the guards are german? Nothing wrong with that but please make the rest sound german, and none of you dare think that Jarl Ulfric is speaking with scandinavian accent. The voice actor is from eastern Europe and his accent is as such... if that dude would come to denmark he would be lynched for making Ironclad the shittiest movie ever made by replacing danish with hungarian.

Now I know some of you dont care, I'm just saying that believing in this world that is so believable gets bothersome because you start to look for the small flaws.

I'm not saying that the Nords should speak scandinavian... because the game would be comical. Does not pain me to say that scandinavian accents are horrible for speaking english.

It may be that I'm nitpicking, but coming from my nordic country and knowing what every noun they say in skyrim and what it means has maybe raised my expectations to unreachable levels.

But I'm going to play anyway, accents be damned, the game gives me fucking dragons to kill... FUCKING DRAGONS... and some Draugr and crazy treas.

Yet all the way I will be "only" 99% immersed in the game... you could say that its like getting laid while not ejaculating :D

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I hated that the stormcloaks were racists... I chose them in the beginning, then found out they were bunch of racists, but I chose them anyway... I mean isnt it racist to think that you have the preference to rule other races... if so the Imperials are just as much racist as the stormcloaks.

And hey, they try to kill you in the beginning and they banned the worship of Talos even though many Nords died defending the Empire from those bloody Elves. So I wisely chose the Stormcloak rebellion!

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@Bumbuliuz: Yes and the horse carriage, Alfarinn, means well trevelled or something like that, fucking amazing :D

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