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I'm in.  This was what I hoped the PSP Go would be.  I sure hope Sony doesn't lose it's shirt on this thing though.

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Looks amazing, but I'm worried about the price tag.

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It's the new TV.  Hell...I spend more time on the Internets than I do on TV.

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Let 's not forget that they are a small operation.  I'm sure their support was inundated with questions after the sign up stuff went live.

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And to think that this things been in beta...like forever.  Just goes to show that the real world is the best testing ground.

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Nope.  I have no interest in Apple.  I still can't believe that people want the iPhone 4 even though it's got that "grip o death" problem.

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It basically works like those lenticular cards where you see 1 of 2 images depending on how you hold the card.  The barrier diverts one image to the left eye and the other image to the right eye.  This means that the 3DS will have a specific sweet spot.  Move it out of that sweet spot and you'll get a blurred image.

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The games suck, but Jeff and the gang make them soooooo funny.  I consider that a subscription well spent.  From the looks of it Game Room is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  They could only scrape up 4 old ass games this week.  The end must be near.

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What's probably happening is that you need to tell OSX that the new Flash should use the high end graphics.  No idea how to do that.  Either google it or goto a mac forum.

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I don't know if you "can" privatise it.  Regular mail is shrinking and email is growing.  Who would want a piece of that market?  You'd have to convince someone that the huge initial expenditure to modernize it would pay off big in the long term.