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As someone who was not big into skate or tony hawk but I have played a few tony hawk on the PS2. Will this be good for me? I am interesting in this game and someone mentioned it is like dustforce (which is coming soon to the vita and I'm going to pick that up)

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Is the server going to be updated to 1.5.1? I am not able to get into it.

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I just realized I posted the wrong Red faction game, I meant to post Guerrilla.

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@nightriff: my options are based not going over 23$ and what is going on sale tomorrow on PSN NA

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This there a chance I can get added to this server?

my minecraft name is Solid_Jackal

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This is actually a decent game but I think the 15$ price point (12$ if you are a PS+ member) might have been bit to high. Decent levels to play on as well as being hard to five star them.

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Is it me or did this game get announced out for no where? (granted I was not paying attention to gaming news a lot last year but still)

I was looking for a game like trials for the PS3 and bam someone showed me this. I am quite excited for this, hopefully their will be user created levels.

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@NinjaBerd: Whoa that looks so similar to Trails. I will keep my eye on it thanks for the tip =D

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I was watching Trails Pig by Achievement Hunter and I was wondering if there is a similar game to Trails on playstation. I am pretty sure it will never come to PSN if Microsoft can help it. I have 40$ sitting in my account and I was wondering what game to buy, so why not ask GB. I have picked up Flower , Journey unfinished Swan, inFamous FOB, MVC 2, and a bunch of other games I cannot remember. I am looking for something that will be fun and have community support which I can have installed in my HDD so I can pop in anytime I feel like it.

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@Hizang: but I can still play the single player right? That is the only thing I care about