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 After watching a trailer showcase a character GOW fans have been talking about before the release for GOW2, Kratos' Brother, I got hyped for the game. The story for the most part follows the same formula like other GOW games, one god is stopping for from achieving your goal and you must kill him/her at the end. Thanatos, the God of death is the main one in this part of the series. I beat the game on the Normal Difficult in under 5 hours, which is a decent length, I wish it was a bit more ...

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Tag Team powered up 0

 Well I will start off with the story, much like the other Dragonball Z games (not the movie based one which was horrible) it follows the storyline of the anime. But they do leave out some of the afterlife parts, where goku, gohan and vegeta train as well as the future storyline where they show gohan and trunks are the last remaining people left fighting against 17 and 18. From what I have played it goes to the end of the DBZ saga, which is the buu fight also after you finish the main sto...

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