Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode 10

22 minute run tonight :)

I stayed at my girlfriend's one extra day which is why this is going up a day late.

Going to be running again tomorrow too so hopefully I get a lot of running in.

Here is the link:

Great episode, nothing major happens really, but the friendship system was introduced so that was cool to see again :)



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: August 18, 2012

I did not run yesterday, nor will I be running today, Sunday, or this upcoming Monday.

I am away from my treadmill, with my girlfriend this weekend.

I will resume exercising when I get home on Tuesday.

To make this post worthwhile I might as well say something about video games.

I am currently beta testing a certain sifi MMO Shooter. It is highly anticipated etc.

Still trying to figure out which faction I would like to play as, but it is difficult.

Faction 1 - Very effective weaponry and vehicles. Downside - Very conventional shooter feel, also everyone and their grandmother plays as them (aka very popular, meaning they are not the underdogs, I like being the underdog, it is usually something I like to look for when trying to choose a faction in any game.)

Faction 2 - Very similar to faction 1 but with a few more unique features. They hit hard, which as a numbers person, can not argue with. One thing that really attracts me to them is they seem to have a higher level of maturity to them (this is obviously hard to gauge since it is a beta but none the less this is what I have found). Less 12 year olds who don't know how to attack or defend play as this faction.

Faction 3 - My dream faction really. They may have what seems like a majority of people interested in them, but most people hate them, and are the obvious under dog despite having some really cool tech and weaponry. The only downside, and this is a big one, and the reason why I call this my dream faction, is that literally everyone I know would never play as them in a million years. Seeing as everyone I know who is interested in this game played the first one, and learned at a very young age (like a religion almost) to hate them. They look cool, have cool guns and they're vehicles are different and after what seems like 2 decades of playing conventional shooters I would gladly join this faction over the others just for a change in game play, but I would have no one to play with :/

Of course.... there is absolutely nothing stopping me from changing my mind during the course of the beta. I could over time grow fond of any of the 3 factions. And also there is nothing stopping me from "Main-ing" as the 3rd faction when the game comes out, and playing with my friends on another server when they are online. Thus having the best of both worlds. Hmmm something to think about ....



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode 9

They played the game !

Like actually killed stuff and got XP ! It is a grand day for Jeff and Vinny !

But in all seriousness that was a great episode. It may be just the beginning but I am pumped to watch this stuff over again.

Episode 9 was 35 minutes long so that how long my walk was.

Here is the link:

I also have an all protein dinner, so no carbohydrates at all :)

Feeling pretty good, I still feel hesitant to say this is a success though, I think I will wait til I've lost 10 pounds before I get excited.

I am currently 257 pounds. I know people out there weigh more but I don't know how.

The lack of air that I can get in my lungs now adays scares me... kind of why I started doing this.

What I did today and what I will do tomorrow will bring me one step closer to being healthy though :)



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode Aug. 15, 2012

I did not run today. (Thus the title of this thread is not an episode number)

I have been up since 5:45am and just got home from school at 8pm.

During which I did spend most of the day running around a field with a $30 000 GPS unit which was pretty awesome.

So I technically worked out, but I was in a field so I couldn't watch the endurance run while doing it.

I just don't have the energy to run today, but tomorrow I will I promise!



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode 8

I could only watch one episode today.

It's not my best performance but with my 8am AutoCAD Exam tomorrow I had to cut my exercise a bit short.

All in all, 2 minutes of running and 17 minutes of walking.

Episode 8 was awesome though, they ripped Teddy's head off !!!! And it made me laugh so hard that I almost feel off the treadmil.

Link to the episode:

This may not be it, but if it isn't this is definitely close to when the guys actually start getting into the game rather than mocking it haha

Oh, and I may not even get a chance to work out tomorrow, it sounds like I'll have 12 hours of school to get through.... 2 hour bus ride, a 4 hour exam, 2 hour review class and a 4+ hour GPS field exercise.

If only I had gotten a job with my nuclear engineering degree I wouldn't be in school anymore.... but those are the times we live in I guess :/



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode 6, 7

Jogged for 5 minutes and walked for another 25.

Couldn't do it longer if I wanted to due to my exam tomorrow but I got a bit done.

Still working on bettering my diet, hopefully I can get that on track soon, because I feel as if this exercise part thing is going better than I had thought and I would hate to ruin it with my terrible eating habits.

Links to the episodes:

To those wondering, yes. the endurance run is still as funny as it was the first time around.



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode 2, 3, 4, 5

Hello Again (even though no one is definitely reading this)

I went for a 53 min run today. Well... 5 minutes of jogging and 48 minutes of walking really, but I thought it went well.

I'm definitely feeling a bit better than I have the paste couple of weeks, though I know it's most definitely a plasibo affect caused by this small amout of exercise, but its something.

As you can guess from the title I watched 4 episodes of the Endurance Run today, 2 - 5. It's really funny to see the guys making fun of all the characters as they meet them, little do they know they actually care about them by the time the end of the game comes. And the last episode I watched ended with a sweet cliffhanger as Vinny and Jeff were just about to watch the midnight channel for the first time!

Here's the links to the episodes:

Also on a side note I've been eating a lot less than I usually do in a normal day and almost no bread or dairy. Which I think is good too.

Hopefully I can keep this good thing going on to a third day, I do want to watch episode 6 right now but I am limiting myself to watching only during exercise, so I'll wait till tomorrow :)



Persona 4 Endurance Run Weight Loss Thing: Episode 1

Hey everyone (even though no one will ever read this)

In the recent months I have become dangerously out of shape. I am not talking about love handles or Seth Rogan here I am talking about being out of breath from going up a flight of stairs, fucked up shit like that. It was caused mainly due to a combination of me not moving my ass and eating a lot of pizza and spaghetti, both of which are fine foods in moderation, but not multiple times a week.

Anyways back to the topic at hand. In my effort to loose weight I am hoping to link one of my favorite things ever (the Persona 4 Endurance Run in all its entirety) and exercise (mainly walking/jogging on the treadmill). I figure 99 hours worth of watching material should be a good way to keep me coming back to the treadmil if I can combine the two of them correctly.

Today was my first day and I think I did pretty well. I watched the first episode of the endurance run, around 16 minutes long and walked while watching it.

I hope to watch multiple episodes per run to increase the amount of time I exercise per session, and to eventaully graduate to jogging and dare I say running. But today was the first day in awhile since I had been on the treadmill so I though I would take baby steps.

I am also going to keep this blog as a way not to go too long without exercising. A Journal if you will.

(If I don't post for a couple of days or a bit more I am probably at my girlfriends, but that's life, so I'll just have to work out as much as I can)

Here's a link to Episode 1 for those who are interesting and re-watching the Endurance Run with me:

(Oh and to keep things simple for myself and the zero people who will read this, I will label my titles to include which episodes I watched during my run that day)

I hope this helps me a bit and to anyone who reads this, I hope it is at the very least an interesting way to re-watch an amazing journey of two dudes and an anime RPG monster creating game thing.



I want free to play games to be the future. But How?

As I sit here in bed next to my asleep girlfriend, I am closely watching Steam during one of it's many sales, this time of Ubisoft games. I am hoping that one of the days will be for the assassins creed series and that with it, I'll be able to buy them for well under their current price. I guess I should start off by saying that I am by no means a penny pincher. I spend money quite a bit actually having just booked a Disney World vacation for me and my girlfriend this coming June, but with this introduction of free to play games I can not help but wonder what it brings for the future.

The 3 best examples of free to play games that I have seen are League of Legends (of which I have played probably 600+ hours), World of Tanks (100+ hours, and no, it isn't as stupid as the name sounds) and the upcoming PlanetSide 2, which based on gameplay videos looks quite amazing (well that's my opinion any ways).

I have to ponder though, all of these games have one thing in common, they are all multiplayer games. The free to play model that they have all adopted is based on the impatient nature of the people playing their games. This is by no means a bad or deceitful thing to do, infact many businesses all around the world do this too. Let me explain, in any of the free to play games I just mentioned above (well maybe except PS 2 because it's not out yet and I don't know) you are given a choice to either play the game over and over again to get the higher level equipment/characters or you can pay a minimal fee and have them unlocked for you.

This is similar (and I may be stretching my logic a bit I admit haha) to something like food vendors (aka restaurants and things like them), you can either go out, buy the ingredients and make the meal yourself, or you can (usually) pay a premium and have it made for you, thus saving you time, but costing you more.

This is all well and good, and I do believe that most if not all multiplayer games will go this way in the future, but what about single player games ? As I said at the start of this article, I am waiting to see if I can pick up a few of the Assassins Creed games on the cheap, but in the future, will I be able to play these games for free ? I wonder how they would do it.

Current free to play multiplayer games have the benefit of getting people hooked on their games, and then keeping them hooked by releasing content on a regular basis, and putting this content behind a wall that can be surpassed by playing the game a lot or for a few bucks charge. And thus the free to play multiplayer model continues to thrive and be effective, but what about a singleplayer free to play model ? Could it even be done ?

What kind of things could they put in place that would not make the game frustrating but give people the option to either pay or play for free ? I am going to think of ways they could do this and maybe post again soon on my ideas. If anyone out there reading this have any ideas or comments about this feel free to post and let me know I think it could be interesting to see what people come up with.


Warhammer - Heroes of Wrath is Not a Good Free to Play Game

** I posted this in the WoH Forums but I was so proud of my math I thought I would post it here too :P

I have checked out the game and yes, the heros are god damn expensive.

For those of who are wondering the Lowest amount of in game currency you can get is approximately 55 gold for playing a match which you get in a random "roll".

You get this single "roll" for completing the match and based on how you did during the match you can earn more rolls, which can give you the chance at more gold or items.

Factors such as if you were in a group, if you got first place, if you got a killstreak of 6 or more, etc. these can all give you bonus "rolls" at the end of the match.

For each roll you earn you get a chance of randomly getting 55 gold, more gold, or a chest with an item in it. I think the max number of rolls you can earn in a match is 6, so lets say (to keep it simple) you get 6 rolls of 55 gold so you get 330 gold, which isn't bad, that means you will be able to purchase and permanently unlock a hero in 90 games and with each game lasting around 12 minutes that will take you 18 hours of playing the game, which really.... when you think about it a person could play 2 hours a day and get a hero unlock within 9 days... which is fine.

But lets paint a more realistic picture.

You have 1 free hero for completing the tutorial, which has no stun or snare... in the PVP MMO world we can classify this hero as "worthless". So chances are you will only get 1 or 2 out of the 6 rolls, you get 2 rolls for playing a round (not going afk) and another roll for winning the round (so 2 rolls). Lets go with the worst case scenario, you only get 1 of the 6 rolls for all the games you play.

That's 55 gold per match, to get 30 000 gold you need to play 545 matches, and with each match lasting around 12 minutes that's 6540 minutes, which is 109 hours of playing the game. At 2 hours of playing the game a day it will take you *drum roll* duh duh duh* .... 54.5 DAYS ! ALMOST 2 MONTHS OF PLAYING THE GAME !

To compare with League of Legends you earn on average 100 in game currency for playing a match (whether you win or lose), a top champion costs 6000 in game currency and each match takes around 25 minutes to complete. So with LoL you would have to play 60 matches, which would take you 1500 minutes, or 25 hours. Playing 2 hours a day, it would take 12.5 days. So just under 2 weeks.

Now of course I ignored things like "The First Win of the Day" which gives a boost to the currency you earn for one match, so my numbers will be a bit off but you can clearly see to put this scientifically.... this is fucked up.

With my math, it takes you 4.36 times as long to earn a champion in WoH than it does in LoL and many people would agree 12.5 days isn't really short but it's fair... if you really like the game you can play it for 12.5 days without too much issue and still have the thrill of unlocking content... but 2 months.... fuck!

That's less carrot tied to stick type encouragement for the player as it is carrot placed on top of a mountain.

End rant.

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