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Well, as the topic says, I've encountered this error - a lot today - and I'm wondering if it's the same for you duders or if it's just me?

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I think this game was made by Swedes in the early 90's for Macintosh, based on the book The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlöf, a Swedish author - but all of this can just be some crazy mix-up because I remember a big goose. It was sort of an adventure game in black and white. One thing I can 100% recall is this boot house. That's pretty much it.


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This is so sad. We can't believe this. We're still in shock and lost of words. Ryan Davis, you've left an empty space in our hearts that can never be filled. Our thoughts also go to the Giant Bomb crew: we're with you. /G24S and VoightKampff.

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It happens to me too. Please fix this asap, though I doubt it because the first post was over two weeks ago and nothing...

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Great article Alex!

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This has probably already been reported but I'm not able to edit my lists.

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505, 502, 500 and "Whoops, something's wrong. T_T" shows up regularly for me.