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Agree, jungle suuucks. Berlin Wall does indeed look like the least fun map.
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@natetodamax said:


I went into this map foolishly thinking that it was actually set within a hockey rink. Instead I got an outdoor area with a large building that might as well have been an office building. "  
Haha, I laughed so hard when I imagined a hockey rink. It would've been fun though :D
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Corey Burton according to IMDb... heh

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that sucks :o

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@ChillyUK7: It sounds really fun! I'm excited about it, gonna get my MS Points soon. Also, nice to hear that a sniper map has arrived :)
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@Scapegoat said:
" Managed to have a quick game on..... the map with the ice bridge. Was kinda funny as I expected the bridge to be a choke point but everyone seemed to avoid it, and theres a lot of higher spots that looked down on it. The Northern Lights in the background looked really cool. "
Hmm.. that's interesting. I thought it would be a hell of a warzone. Perhaps it was just that game and that the majority of the rest has all hell broken loose there. We'll just have to see :)
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@ch13696: Go to Europe and you will see. Trust me, I'm from Sweden.
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So, today Black Ops' first DLC 'First Strike' went online for Xbox 360. 

How many got it/will get it today? What are your thoughts so far? Going for MP or Zombies? Worth the 1200 MSP?  

You gotta love the poster
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I don't get it. The video above me that is.

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The first playthrough it was kinda meh, but the second one it was more fun. I guess it's because I tried new ways and got more points. Though I actually hate points and leaderboards (guess it's cause I often suck at it and because of all the morons that hack the servers), this was pretty enjoyable :) Still don't know if I want to pay $59.99 for it.. 

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