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i think about adding my friend code to those 'please add me as a friend' lists :), but i wonder, how safe is it? is there anything dangerous someone can do with my friend code?

also, after someone becomes my "friend" (so we both add each other's code), what is the worst the "friend" can do? from what i see, he can perhaps see what game i'm playing, and what my favourite game is.... is there anything else?

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just want to make sure.. those side-quest-things (blue "popups" on the map).. do i understand correctly that they never expire? i mean, i can go on with the main quest, and return to them later, i don't need to do them immediately, correct?

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hi, thanks for all the suggestions, will try them out... never thought that maybe a 3d-mario is a better idea than a 2d-mario, interesting... (sorry for the long silence, went on a vacation and kind-of forgot that i started this thread :-(

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my son is 3.5 years old, and i'd like to introduce him to videogames.

he has been playing on an ipad for a long time, and he is fine with those 'for babies' games you can find on ios, you know, touch-based, puzzle-like very simple games. but now id' like to introduce him to "real" videogames, where he has to use a d-pad (or joystick) and buttons (keyboard&mouse can come later :-)... so i wonder, what games you thing would be suitable?

my first idea was super-mario-bros, but while he has no problems understanding the gameplay (move to the right, jump over obstacles, jump on enemies), but maybe doing it and reacting quickly is still too hard for him... so i was thinking about something like super-mario-bros, but easier...

or maybe something completely different..

any ideas?

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just started the first dlc-map, and i have a question regarding those "friendly but uncontrollable" units (like Ike and so, the ones the old guy summoned to help me)... does it matter if they die in the battle, like it matters for my "real" units? i'm playing on classic, so if my 'real' units die, i restart the map, should i do the same when these die?

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i bought it on the us-psn, and played a lot of it on the psp, did not finish it.

now i'd like to continue playing it on my vita, but that one is the eu-version, and from what i've read, playing games from multiple-regions is hard/impossible. so i thought i'd just by the game again from the eu-store, but is it possible to somehow move the savegame to it?

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does the address work for anyone? it's the address that is mentioned on the "" page...

i'm trying to contact giantbomb-support, but i do not get any responses from that address.

i guess the problem is that this is an, and giantbomb is not in the whiskeymedia family anymore...

or, does anyone know what the correct support-email-address is?

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i'd like to play this game, and i can buy it either for the PC (10€) or for the XBOX360 (17€). which version is better?

as far as i understand, it was originally released for the xbox, so i assume that version is the 'normal' one, so perhaps the question should be: is the PC version worse than the xbox version?

[edit] i'm planning to play it with an xbox-controller on the pc too

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my country is only half-supported by psn. i can create a psn-account, but there is no psn-store.

so if you want to buy psn-games, you are basically forced to have additional accounts registered to countries where there is a psn-store.

on the ps3 this is not a big deal, because one can buy a game on a UK account, and play it on the other accounts on the ps3 (and get trophies etc.)

does such thing works somehow on the VITA?

let's make a specific example:

can i buy a vita-game on a UK account, and play it on a german account?

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premium member, did not receive the gamespot code email, when visiting it says "You were not eligible for this promotion."

does anyone else have this problem?

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