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Well, "PlayStation Plus subscription benefit" it is then.

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Happy birthday!

Here's something: Do you pronounce RYU:

  • R-eye-u
  • R-ee-u
  • Roo
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@y2ken: "Drew, Feed me ____": a 15 minute video of Drew feeding Dan something. You can add a blindfold, if you're into that sort of thing.

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@jeff: @julius: Let's avoid this quote pyramid...

This is perhaps a followup to my "lead by example, ie don't be a dick" post but: Confirmation bias or not, I distinctly remember the waning presence of the "main" GB staff on the forums as a gripe these last couple of years. "The guys aren't posting on the forums as much as they used to", "why do I need to follow the guys on Twitter / Tumblr", or something along the lines thereof.

Of course, the reality is that GB has grown so much that a day-to-day commitment of the staff on the forums is unreasonable. Not to disparage the moderation team here (great work, guys), but having @rorie on the forums helps in that aspect (you're doing a great job here, Rorie!). Having someone from the staff go "Not cool, dude" or "I hear you, dude" has a bigger effect than you'd think. I think?

Also, for as much as "job titles" or "rank" is a terrible thing in this wonderfully anarchic site, a "I'm the Editor In Chief / Boss here, and whatever anyone on staff or the mod team posts on the site is endorsed by me because I trust them!" statement goes a long way, as stupidly redundant as it sounds.

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Do Gootecks and Mike Ross count?

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@milkman: @conmulligan: On the one hand, I agree, staying silent on a matter is the worst thing someone can do.

On the other hand, Jeff's position on this stuff has been made quite clear in his Letter from the Editor is quite clear and from the way the crew interacts with people like Carolyn Petite, Zoe Quinn, Samantha Kalman or other people in the industry it should be clear as day: other people should treated the same regardless of race, creed or orientation. They shouldn't have to chime in every time a topic comes up. -Maybe when GB was smaller that would have been an option but now it's impossible.

I kind of wish that the fervour in which some people ape the crew would get translated to that.

And on the diversity point: I think that maybe elevating the Community Spotlight to a higher level might fulfill the need for a more diverse voice? There are already thousands of people here from all kinds of backgrounds. Something similar to what Bitmob did: one blog or article written by a community member gets highlighted on the front page.

It's not quite the solution we wanted, but maybe a satisfactory compromise.

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@wsgexe: I personally think the rulesand Jeff's Letter From the Editor spell it out quite clearly: except for stuff that blatantly break the rules, everything is allowed. Discuss movies or sports, seek life advice. You can even discuss anime. But above all else: "Don't be a dick.". That some people don't know what that means, is a problem of the community, not the GB staff.

@amatureidiot: Confirmation bias is a very real thing, I agree. And alas, I also have to agree that the major problem is that facts and pointing out the fallacy in their logic don't matter when they're having very real and very strong emotions. A very strong talking to from a person of authority or someone they respect helps, I guess?

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@jaqen_hghar: The jet fighter / aircraft carrier game you're thinking of is probably Top Gun for the NES?

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@cloudyimpulse: Custom, hand built with, if you believe the commentators, heavier springs in them.