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@Levius: Still missing Giancarlo Varanini, Shaun McGinnis, Peter Brown, Eric Tay, Ty Root, Andy Baumann, Cam Robinson (GS UK), Seb Ford (GS UK) from the list, but seeing as GS UK just hired Lucy James as a video editor, it seems like most layoffs are concentrated at GS US.

Also, I'm guessing that list is verbatim the NeoGAF post.

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@excast: That tweet was for E3 this year. And if I remember Danny's comments on Alt-F1 (maybe 5 weeks back?), UPF and other premium streams consistently pull in more viewers than GS' The Lobby. Going by sheer numbers, Giant Bomb is in a better position than Gamespot.

Which puts the worries about the CBSi take-over a few years back into a weird perspective.

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@fluttercry: He's still there.

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@trafalgarlaw: Wait, are you talking about Tom McShea or Peter Brown?

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Holy crapola. That's a lot of behind-the-scene people.

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You sometimes have to wonder if the Homefront IP is actually cursed.

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If it's in the game, it's in the game.

Besides beating the other guy to a pulp, fighting games are also about controlling space: you try to make a space in which you can safely pummel the other guy. Fireballs are a part of that and ideally every character in the game has tools to deal with that.

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Well, "PlayStation Plus subscription benefit" it is then.

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Happy birthday!

Here's something: Do you pronounce RYU:

  • R-eye-u
  • R-ee-u
  • Roo