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Why is it an Unfinished and not a Quick Look EX, there's no way that's not the final build of the game right?

Quick Look EX tends to have the developers present, walking the guys through a "vertical slice" of the upcoming game. I assume Ubisoft didn't send some developers to GB to do a show and tell.

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Embargoes tend to lift on the US release date. So unless a publication has an exclusive deal with Ubisoft (with all its dangers), you're basically stuck until release day.

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Well, at least it's not a MOBA.

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You monster. You made the Highlights from the live-streams searchable. No more "Which show was that on?". It's 0:41. What have you done!?

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Omg, we need to tell small business man about this immediately! Good bye square space hello webhook!

Anyone else feel the last backer reward is a bit of a jump? From $192+ on the 2nd last reward to $5k on the last one.

I think it could be explained by accounting for small to medium "professional" sites, that can probably afford their own hosting? Take note that one of the benefits is getting "your logo on the site and newsletters". Feels kind of weird for a Kickstarter, but then again, I trust Dave.

Also, does this mean Tested will get its wiki?

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At first I thought it was a spam-bot on the forums... Then I thought how could a spam bot have an avatar? Then I started to get afraid, then I clicked this. Fewf just a bad thread!

You forgot the other option: Alex is a spambot.

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@make_me_mad: The criticism is not that Atlus "chickened out", but that the outcome of the struggles is glossed over in the rest of the game or played for laughs. Yosuke's comment on the night of the camping trip is downright stupid (understandable in a way, but still stupid), Naoto turns into her polar opposite in the optional Christmas event. While Atlus is brave to attempt to discuss such topics in a game (a JRPG even), for some the way it handles the aftermath leaves a lot to be desired for. Like @chrissedoff mentioned, the way Atlus handled it could be seen as reinforcing the norm.

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I'm just going to dump this here, from a Gamasutra article in 2009:

So Is He? Or Isn't He?

"We would like everyone to play through the game and come up with their own answers to that question; there is no official answer," says Yu Namba, Atlus USA's Persona 4 Project Lead. "What matters is that Kanji's other self cries out, 'Accept me for who I am!' I think it's a powerful message which many, if not all of us can relate to.”

Nich Maragos, Atlus USA's Persona 4 Editor, agrees with Namba that it is up to each individual player to draw their own conclusions, but his personal opinions sway toward a gay Kanji. "At the end of Kanji's Social Link, should you choose to advance it that far, he does say specifically in reference to his Shadow self, 'That 'other me' is me.'”

Atlus Japan, the original developer of Persona 4, was not available for comment.

"Most American gamers will assume he is gay, especially if they are not aware of Japan's cultural differences and the subtleties of their interactions," says Colette Bennett, Japanese RPG enthusiast and editor at consumer weblog Destructoid.

Brenda Brathwaite, game designer, professor, and author of Sex in Video Games has an altogether different perspective: "It would have been amazing if they would have made a concrete statement that he is gay. That we could play as a gay main character in a video game would be a big deal."

Says Brathwaite, "I can find twenty things that I didn't like about how Kanji was portrayed, such as the game's juvenile nature in dealing with his sexuality, but there is a part of me that is thrilled there is a gay character in a game and that a game would portray how they are dealing with their inner struggles and interactions with friends."


Note the last quote in the Gamasutra article.

I realise that it's a terrible cop-out answer - "it's not perfect, but I guess we'll have to accept it" -, but yeah.

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Font? Yeah, just like the other people said, Wrong placement. Having them be almost the same colour as the reels makes it unlegible. Also, pick a better font (HELVETICA).

The actual logo? The reels look off. They look more like gun cylinders than film reels. Look on Google Images for some pictures of real reels.

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@bocam said:

I wonder what the reaction would have been like if they kept Rise's original character arc of her being ashamed of the fact that she needed to have sex to get Idol work and then have an abortion.

wait was this a prototype version? That would have been dark as shit

Oh God, not sure if serious or not.