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So upset about this, and can't even imagine how his wife is feeling or even Jeff, i mean those guys were like brothers!

Even though i have never met Ryan, i feel as though i have lost a friend. For years i have listened to him on the Gamespot podcast and throughout the entirety of the Bombcast alongside the daily videos. This man was a large part of my life even though i didn't know it, and i find myself welling up whenever i think of this news.

I presume it was a heart attack, which, as someone who works for the British Heart Foundation this is a particularly hard pill for me to swallow.

Ryan, you made me laugh on days in which i didn't even think i could smile. I just wish i could've told you that in person or via an email before all this happened. These sentiments are mirrored for the rest of the GiantBomb crew also.

I don't think i will forget you in a long time. Goodbye...Friend.

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@zeik said:

Just in case anyone does not know, there is a trick to playing Survivor+ immediately after your first playthrough. You just have to finish the first chapter and then go to chapter select and it will let you choose Survivor as a difficulty option, while maintaining all of your New Game+ bonuses.

Please clarify this comment, i need more information.

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Trying to watch a quick look on the site and the video plays for about 3-6 minutes at a time then it will refuse to buffer, so I have to refresh the entire page and scroll back to where I left off, but then the issue happens again minutes later.

My connection is fine, and after a few refreshes, the third time it said server connection was lost....for the entire site, and I had to goto another site for minute and then came back and the web page on giant bomb loaded once more, and again the video froze minutes later and refused to buffer.

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Just watched it on Youtube

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On a positive note, this means Rich Gallup is free to work on GiantBomb?.... if only!

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This post really should be on Tested .com

but maybe Avatar? the movie, not the game btw.

Wipeout HD / Fury is meant to be amazing in 3D, try that out. And Motorstorm Apocalypse too, not sure whetherthat was good or not though, google some reviews on the 3D

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Done and Done

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Also you should rename "Auto" to "Latest"

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Currently there is only Random and Auto, and i liek the "I Love Mondays" but why would i ever want to watch one from 6 months ago, it really makes no sense.

HOWEVER, if the "Random" button would only play videos inside the same categories would be awesome. For instance if i am watching a Quick Look, then if i click random it will display a random Quick Look video only and the same for all other categories like Trailers, Subscriber, etc.

Also Playlists would be cool, and i would suspect if that was implemented it would most likely be a premium feature, but i think it would be useful.