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Loved how salty the crowd got when Bryan was eliminated. There were a lot of good spots in the Rumble despite the end being spoiled by Roman getting the push.

Worst Rumble ever? Hardly. Best? No where near 1992. It was still better than some of the mid 2000's when the company didn't know what it was doing and we were tally Raw and Smackdown teams or some of the atrocious late 80's ones.

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Does anyone know the UPF where they leave Alexis alone in the Oculus and take off from the office? That was amazing.

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I miss having the expanded replies feature so I could follow a comment. Also I might be dumb but I didn't see a chat cooldown on there.

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Just signed up and would love to join! Account name is Gaftra and my character name is Hedder.

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@gunslingerpanda said:

Is this fixed yet? I don't really want to play it until it's running as intended.

It's far from game breaking, but you're definitely going to notice it hitching up occasionally (I certainly didn't see it nearly as frequently as the OP - it was more once every 10-15 minutes or so for me). I'd say it's perfectly fine for you to go ahead and jump in, but if you insist on it performing flawlessly, then I guess you can wait and see if it gets patched.

It was actually completely game breaking for me. I'm about 4 hours in and in one of the challenges it froze, crashed and my save was lost. I saw in the forum sticky that some run on launch commands would fix the problem but it still locks up on the first challenge now.

Tried all their troubleshooting suggestions but it still doesn't seems to work. Too bad cause I really have been enjoying the game.

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be great to join!

userid is @hebber

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D LEAZY in this piece!

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First off, awesome guide!

I went with a DEX heavy build in DS1 and went the same road here. I've found there to be little point to focusing solely on DEX however, since the break points for scaling are much lower than in previous games. It seems like this game was designed to encourage raising multiple stats.

With a relatively minimal investment in STR you can get into some of the better scaling spears or even things like the ancient knight halberd. I do totally agree about bows being great in this game having used them exhaustingly in DS1.

One of the best changes to the stat systems in DS2 is that they got away from the need to pick a very limited build and gave access to faster leveling.

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A lot of people being super reactionary about this right out of the gate...I'm not so cynical. For VR to really take off and make a meaningful leap into mainstream acceptance, it would need to attain a certain critical mass for developing for it to be worthwhile for a broader range of companies. Facebook could potentially be a company that has the level of reach to hasten the acceptance of this tech.

Worst case scenario? Sure they fuck up something promising, or somehow lock off or hinder the ability for games to use it (why would they?). Better case scenario? A massive flood of interest in VR and potentially bringing in a whole new crowd of people trying out games for their new piece of hardware. Color me optimistic.

I'd like to be positive about this too from a gaming perspective. However, this doesn't seem like Facebook moving into the gaming world but rather Oculus moving out of it.

Nothing in that statement acknowledges games or even includes the word game. They use social connections, and ambiguous terms like platform for communication.

Oculus isn't a gaming platform unto itself so would Facebook then be a middleware hardware manufacturer? That seems doubtful, more likely they would sell it as some kind of multimedia device.

All wild speculation, but nothing about it seems to bode well for dedicated game production.

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First thought is that Phil Fish is somewhere losing his shit right now, and that's the reaction I really want to see.

Also I no longer expect this to be a game platform, at least in primary function. Notice that nothing in that statement mentions gaming.

Too bad, at first it seemed like it could have been an Amazon buying Double Helix and the possibility of games diversifying further.