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  1. Calvary
  2. Snowpiercer
  3. The Raid 2
  4. How to Train Your Dragon 2
  5. Before Midnight
  6. The LEGO Movie
  7. Her
  8. Tim's Vermeer
  9. The Conjuring
  10. Captain Phillips
  11. Enemy
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So far I've seen ghosts in The Awakening, Jeffrey Combs as a manical rich dude in Would You Rather, australian pre-apocalypse partying in These Final Hours, found footage vampires in Affliction and tense/darkly comic torture in Big Bad Wolves. They were all pretty good, especially Big Bad Wolves and it's not often you get to see israeli movies, let alone good ones. Shocktober off to a fantastic start, fearing a descent into horrible crap any day now.

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Scenic Route is not horror, it's pretty good though.

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@FirePrince:  GaGa is a nickname that goes all the way back to my childhood, The Movies got tagged on when i got interested in movies. People know me by that name.
For now its mostly about practice and getting better at writing, so currently no plans for english im afraid.
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Im working on my own page, its in danish thou, but have a look.