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@pirate_republic:  I do have an ipod, before i bought it i tried desperately to find a decent alternative i liked the zune, but since i live in the UK its not worth the risk
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So I'm using Windows 7 RC, i think it's awesome miles better than vista but there is one bug with itunes that keep on annoying me. Every minute or so itunes brings itself to the front automatically, any idea how to stop this?

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Hey I'm travelling to the US in a few weeks and was thinking about purchasing a new laptop, other than warranty, charger problems, DVD regions and a lack of pound signs is there anything else i should be wary of?.

Thanks alot!
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No he's clearly not dead, but "under the radar".

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Before NXE I had automatic sign in for my gamertag, my 360 red ringed and ever since i;'ve got it back i've had to sign in manually, how do i turn on automatic sign in on NXE.
Thanks in advance

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Very Very sad news, 1up Yours was the best podcast out there, ti will be sorely missed by me 

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I think its from Driv3r

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Whats the deets?

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Jayge said:
"You've got to be kidding me.

You don't need to prove to *us* that you're straight. We take you at face value.

Exactly! I'm more excited about a new Halo game, seriously you would never get with her dude
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No joke but Enter the Matrix is one fo the msot underate games ever.