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A "Game" in the truest sense 0

I liked crysis for the most part. Up until the end, I came back to it with eagerness. However, as the game developed its story, I concurrently developed a dislike for the game.   The gameplay was awesome. The suit powers make you feel like a badass and solve many annoyances of FPS. For instance, super speed makes you run around levels like a PCP addict. Super strength allows you to punch harder and jump higher. By the end of the game, changing between these suit powers was extremely satisfying. ...

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Simple platforming and Marsupials 0

Who knew that one of the creepiest and road kill-iest marsupials could star in a decent game? I bought this game on a whim when I saw it had three things: Casual Platforming (I was in the mood for some quick fun. Sorry Dragon Age...but soon) Steam Achievements     $14.99 Price Tag       I've played the game about three times now on multiple difficulties.  The new game plus stuff isn't that great. After you finish the game on Normal difficult, you unlock Hard. And after you beat that, you unlock ...

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