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I finally have Internet at my place again so I'll have my client open all night if anyone wants an invite on Zul'jin. I'm gakon#1473.

The Horde guild is in a weird spot because I'm the only officer who plays regularly (I think), and I can't promote anyone to be an officer to invite new folks. Actually that isn't really accurate, looks like more officers are on these days, we're just not on all the time.

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I'll be on Zul'jin taking guild invites for the next hour, send a tell to Rawrful, your friendly druid.

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Alright y'all, I'm going to sign on a little after 7PM PST, and I'll try to loiter for an hour or so if I can. My character's name is Rawrful and my ID is gakon#1473.

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@spazm6666: I wish! Granted, guild spam is an issue because GMs realized by flooding their guild with lowbies they could exploit Cash Flow, although I believe that's going away in WoD.

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@tosshi: @spazm6666: i don't know who could get you guys access to the guild right now but you could try pming @thrawnkkar or @troidy on the site. they might be able to point you in the right direction.

I'm playing right now, and I'm usually the only person online, although thrawnkkar (Azzizmuck in-game) is online here and there, he's the GM. I can get people in if they need it, but unfortunately the Internet is out in my apartment right now, so I'd need to go to a Starbucks or something when I get off work so I can get on. Send me a PM if you're interested and we'll work something out!

I'm sure a lot of people want to play on Aerie Peak with Dan, or prefer Alliance, but we have a lovely, fully-leveled Horde guild on Zul'jin :) I think we could get a good spike in activity with the expansion coming out. Of course if you've quit in the last year, there's really nothing to come back for just yet. I started up after a 3 year break so there's been a ton for me to take in.

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This will be my second year going. Now that I actually live nearby I've been fantasizing about buying a machine, but I don't know anyone in the area and don't have access to a vehicle, so we'll see how that plays out.

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Words such as fuck and shit are the NSFW bits. The majority of the innuendo on display here is just fine and, in fact, to be encouraged.

I added the filtering feature and it's on the live site now. I ended up filtering innuendo into the explicit section so as many people can use it as possible. There are still more plain quotes than explicit ones so you you don't need to worry about too much repetition. Also I've found myself listening to old podcasts a lot recently so I'm trying to add as many new quotes as I can.

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@gakon: If you could make a work safe (or just a little bit safer) version, we will use this in our company.

Oh, wait, I didn't see the Git stuff. Maybe I could do this myself.

I'll add that in today, I have a day off anyway. The quotes are actually already loosely grouped into explicit and non-explicit, I just never implemented that option. It's also a matter of what qualifies as explicit. Is innuendo as bad as straight cursing?

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Last year I created Taswell Ipsum to honor Ryan Davis following his untimely passing. You can use it for fun and profit in your wireframes, prototypes, wireframes, whatever. Your clients won’t know what to think when you deliver designs rife with cursing and video game references.

I had only promoted it on Twitter and forgot to show on the forums, so here it is now for your pleasure. Here’s the raw list of quotes. If you have a great one to submit, PM me, come at me on Twitter, or if you want to be extra cool, submit a pull request to the GitHub repo.