Characters I would add to Super Smash Bros.

Why do I keep making lists nobody will read? Eh.

I like Super Smash Bros. a lot. I think the competitive scene of the Melee and Brawl has some merit, but I acknowledge that it maybe isn't deserved. Also, yes, I think playing with no items on stages with no hazards is fun. But I don't like playing as Fox.

I'm of the mind that, should another one of these games come out (and let's face it, one probably will with the next Nintendo console), Nintendo should just go for broke with the characters and add as many as possible. To alleviate problems of balance, just make clone characters exact copies, instead of modifying properties of weight and damage. Although on the Melee and Brawl tier lists there are plenty of clone characters that occupy very close spots (Fox/Falco, Link/Young Link, Mario/Luigi in Melee), by making certain characters more or less "palette swaps" of each other, the roster is functionally smaller while still having a large number of characters. The main issue is characters which are physically larger or smaller than each other. Obviously being larger tends to put you at a disadvantage. Also, by making certain characters exactly the same, they may lose some of their identity

These characters could be made clones of each other:

Mario, Luigi, and Dr. Mario
Fox, Falco, and Wolf
Link, Young Link, and Toon Link
Pikachu and Pichu
Ness and Lucas
Marth, Roy, Ike, and Lyn
Captain Falcon and Ganondorf

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