Best of 2011

With this year being crammed full of big multiplayer games, I went back to my roots and decided that single-player rules, multiplayer drools!

Apparently I played a fair amount of RPGs this year and I couldn't even include Golden Sun and the Tales of the Abyss 3DS version.

My list started at 16, with the following being cut:

Dirt 3 - So, so fun and Gymkhana was a neat old-Tony Hawk style mode

Dark Souls - Atmospheric, frustrating and very satisfying

LA Noire - Gritty adventure game, yay! Shame the story couldn't keep me hooked long enough to finish it

Witcher 2 - This game looks AMAZING and the depth of the world, characters and the massively different story arc due to a choice in chapter 2 was excellent. The first game I was gutted to actually cut from my list, and that was only because I didn't play a lot of it

Professor Layton & The Last Spectre - After I almost broke down into tears in The Lost Future, Layton 4 was never going to really hit me as hard as that did. Still, it's a solid game and introduces some good characters. Plus the mystery made some sense at least (not like you Layton 2, magic hallucinating gas indeed...)

FIFA 12 - Yeah. I cut FIFA. I'M SORRY. Honestly though, it's much, much improved over 11 and while the tactical defending is just an annoyance against the AI it's excellent against real opponents. Better lobbies, working (for the most part - at least compared to the crapshoot last year) clubs, awesome XP levelling ideas and a very, very clever Head to Head seasons mode make FIFA really great this year. However, it was out of this and my number 9 and 10 and I just couldn't drop my RPGS.

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Posted by Pezer

Question, would FIFA be higher if i was less of a jerk?

Posted by GalacticDonut

@Pezer: Now that I have found Napoli drive you mad, I do not mind as much!

Honestly though, as much as an improvement that 12 is (and it is), I guess I really wanted to prattle about some other stuff. Seeing as this is the year I got really busy, it was weird that I actually found it harder to cut stuff from my list compared to last year. Although the number of games that I finished is depressingly low.