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thanks for the suggestions. ill take a look

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I recently found out that I love true crime as a genre. I've been listening to a couple podcasts about serial killers and I find it fascinating. Also the new podcast "Serial" is awesome. Like, unbelievably so for me even though it's nor about a serial murderer it's a fantastic story.

So with this new found passion I turned to my Kindle. I looked at the hottest true crime book out now and downloaded a sample. I could only stomach so much. I hated the prose. I hated the "The reeds on the shore waved back and forth gently in the Autumn breeze." That sort of thing I hate. It feels like I'm reading fiction, and I begin to question the author. The same exact thing happened when I tried to read Console Wars. It felt like a fiction book and I really didn't like it. I much preferred reading the Video Game History textbook I bought at a used book store than that. I want information, not flowery language. I'd rather read a wikipedia entry.

I turned to youtube to see if I could find anything good and it's all the same. Cheesy A&E docudrama shows with dramatizations (uuugh I hate those) and cheesy narrating. "She thought she was marrying the man of her dreams, but she was marrying a cold blooded killer!" Dun dun daaaaa. Uugh. barf.

So can someone help me? I've been listening to a podcast called True Murder which is awful in many ways. The quality sounds like a tin can, and the host is god awful. I've never seen someone be a shittier host than this guy, but he gets authors on and they just talk about the book. I get the meat with none of the fat. I get chicken without the bone (#teamboneless).

That's what I'm looking for. In a sea of chicken thighs and legs with all that stuff attached to it I'm looking for chicken strips. Delicious juicy chicken strips of crime. Any help? New to the genre completely so I don't know if I'm just searching for the wrong stuff.

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I've never played a racing game other than Star Wars Racer Revenge but Burnout Paradise blew me away. It's easily top 3 games of last gen for me. A lot of us loved it, so why haven't we seen another? Did it not make enough money? Did the IP change hands? Did the team break up? Does anyone know?

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Wendy's had the Super Bar when I was a kid. It was like a cross between a salad bar and Old Country Buffet. There was a "Mexican" section where you could make tacos, an "Italian" section with a couple of different pastas and sauces, and the "Garden Spot" which was a traditional salad bar.

It was weird, but pretty cool for a fast food joint.

Edit: Also there was a dessert section with a soft-serve ice cream machine where you could make sundaes and the like.

WOAH. I was more of a Burger King kid, as there wasn't a Wendy's near my house. I missed out on a lot, apparently.

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I don't even know where to begin. I guess the beginning.

A couple weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine and we got on the topic of the movie Tommy Boy. It's great. "I watched it a lot as a kid but there's one line I never understood" he said to me.

"What line is that?" I naively questioned.

"When Tommy is talking to the guy who is obsessed over guarantees being on the box," he began. "He says 'If you want me to take a dump on the salad bar at Wendy's, I will. I've got spare time' and I never got that."

My eyes glazed over. Suddenly the lightning of a thousand Gods shot through my brain like buckshot through jell-o. I didn't know what to say. I waded there motionless in my apartment complex's swimming pool like a leaf detached from its home. Were I not so flabbergasted I may have just drowned myself right then and there.

"T...the line is 'If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed I will. I've got spare time.'"

"What?" He seemed perplexed, so I reiterated.

"The line is 'If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed I will. I've got spare time.'"

First off, I don't think I've ever seen a Wendy's with a salad bar in it.

So there's that.

Second, he's making a point that a guarantee doesn't matter. It's just words on the box, and a quality product speaks for itself and doesn't need some fancy guarantee. Pinching a loaf on a salad bar does not make that point.

Furthermore, I can't imagine that that's a television edit, because both lines are talking about taking dumps on things. In fact, the Wendy's comment is probably more graphic.

He's either made it up or has suffered brain damage. Or maybe it's lost to the annals of time, like those lost BBC TV shows, recorded over to save time and money. Perhaps his brain was running out of space and wires got crossed. Perhaps this is all an elaborate hoax.

The words whisper through my ears at night, as if spoken by the ghosts of long forgotten screenwriters. It torments me.

"If you want me to take a dump on the salad bar at Wendy's, I will. I've got spare time."

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For me, it all depends on what games fall into "The Vault."

If they add some games I'd like to play (and I already bought Peggle 2) I'd go for it. It would be the equivalent of buying those games and then getting some demo access would be a nice addition. Of course, it also depends on how long you have access to these vault games. A year? 6 months? Forever?

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@mooseymcman: Eehhhhh. You know what I mean by JRPG. Bloodbourne doesn't fall into that category. Not a big Dark Souls fan, either.

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Yeah, sure. There will be something worth playing on it.

That's my thinking. it'll never get that cheap, right? and ill eventually want to play SOMETHING on it...right? Jonesing for a good JRPG to play, but I don't think there are any on it yet.

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EDIT: HOLY SHIT NOT $75. $75 OFF. OFF. OFF OF $400. SO LIKE $325

The gaf thread detailing this is here:

Bought at Target. Basically use Target's "Cartwheel" app which (today and tomorrow, 7/14) has a 15% of electronics coupon. It stacks with other coupons and I used a 10% off entire purchase coupon from a change of address deal (I recently moved, so all legal on my end). So it came out to just under $325 after tax.

My problem: I bought it kinda "just in case." I bought an Xbox One at launch and have been enjoying it (mostly for media). I don't feel like I need another console. I've only played maybe 4 games on the Xbox One so far. There's not much I want to play on it. The same goes for PS4. I have a friend with a PS4 (unlike Xbox One) and another friend who says he'll be getting a PS4 for Destiny. So I might want to hold on to this because I might actually use it. On the other hand I could probably sell it for a tiny profit (like $30 or something) and not have another dust-collecting (coughWiiUcough) box on my shelf. As a person who has collected consoles in the past I just...kinda...want it. I'm not broke. I have a good job and can afford my apartment with a comfortable amount of savings and disposable income, so it's not going to kill me on that end.

Should I keep it?