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...and that wasn't even as good as the Vault of Glass.

I found the Vault of Glass to be unbearable. This is coming from a long time MMO raider, so maybe my expectations were off. It was a slog and the bosses (except Atheon which I actually kinda liked) were just more waves of enemies over and over and over. That being said, what made it somehow worse than that?

I'm in the same boat, here. There's something I enjoyed about Destiny. I enjoyed the leveling and most of the missions. I enjoyed the strikes. The PvP was alright, but I'm not much of a competitive player anyway. All these season passes are going on sale now and I don't know if I should drop any more cash seeing as that the end game of vanilla didn't agree with me.

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I'm level 20 and I have collected around 25 of these fel dragon lockboxs. I immediately identified these as a F2P scam item. But, just in case I'm wrong, are they worth it? I can't imagine coughing up the money to open them all, but is there something in them that would be worth any money?

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Shadowrun for Xbox 360. No I'm not joking. Fantastic FPS with fun choices to make. Also, because it never gained that traction that a Cal of Duty or Gears of War game ever got, the player base was small and never got amazingly good at it. I also noticed less children on the mics, which was great for actual communication. I always liked to play a dwarf with resurrection. I was a monster of a support character.

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As a kid I beat Nick Bruiser in 5.53 seconds in Super Punch-Out!! on my SNES which, last I checked, is better than any time recorded. I have NO idea how I did it. I was really good at the game, and had great patterns for each enemy and I once just hit him right and he got KO'd. That particular pattern had him getting knocked down around the 6 second mark, but he always got back up. That was worked into the pattern. He just...didn't get back up. What I presume is that there's an infinitesimal chance each boss can not get back up, even when knocked down the first time like 99.999%. Each time, and depending on how you knock down the boss, that percentage drops and can even go to 0% for some bosses. Perhaps I got the 0.001% chance. I don't know. I didn't do anything different than my normal routine, in which I used to beat him in under 20 seconds. Naturally, this was before the internet was super wide and my family didn't have it. I had no way of recording this feat and broadcasting it. Also, every so often my SNES games would just lose their saves, and of course the save is gone forever. I'll just have to live with it in my heart.

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@trafalgarlaw: That's a tough one for me. I mean, FTL does take place on a spaceship, but you can't exactly explore it. You're not on the spaceship. You're commanding guys who are. I'll have to think on that one a bit more.

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@corevi: Well how much of the gameplay of EVE Online consists of you being out of your ship walking around? Also, when did that add that? SO there's a character creator now, not just a portrait maker? It's been like a decade for me.

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@nightriff: You are the ship, which disqualifies it for this list. We're talking about a list for people who like the atmosphere and setting of the inside of space ships/station/bases. You don't walk around on a ship...right? I don't know. I played the trial of EVE in like 2005 so I don't know if they changed it. Do you walk around on a ship or station for more than 50% of the game?