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$125 for the "boxed" Kickstarter tier for Shadowrun Returns. I was expecting a box like an old PC game. Instead I got the tiniest, shittiest two flaps of cardboard slapped together with "we don't have time for this" cover art and my game disc in a white paper sleeve. On top of that, the game was a 3/5 at best. Sure, I got a t-shirt with it but after all that I'm embarrassed to wear it and have "sucker" written all over me. That was the last game I kickstarted. I learned my lesson. Hard.

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@zolroyce said:

Alpha Protocol is pretty good at doing what you are talking about, making friends/enemies with people can effect boss fights or even the way you approach a level and the ending boss fight can especially be effected given who you team up with.

Fallout New Vegas also had some great choose who is/isn't the guy you'll be fighting moments.

Alpha Protocol, you say? Well I should check it out. It's been rotting in my backlog forever.

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I'm pretty furious that you can't play as a transgendered, paraplegic Inuit in Assassin's Creed XXII: The Diversining

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Want to jump in here and say that a "good ending" situation isn't what I'm looking for. More like Fallout or something where you are presented with choices that dictate a boss later. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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I really didn't like how, in Dragon Age 2, regardless of what side you chose you fought both Meredith and Orsino. I'm not here to discuss how you felt about that. What I am here to discuss games that may have done it better? Are there any games with choices in them that change boss battles based on your decisions? If you go path A you fight boss A, path B, boss B? I'm talking story-related here, not Mega Man where you just choose a boss.

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After reading the GamaFAN magazine review of Vagrant Story I ran out and bought it with birthday money and found it completely unintelligible. I was 14 at the time. I got maybe 6 hours in and was totally confused. Where am I? Is there a world, or is it just one long dungeon? Why is this boss taking 1 point of damage? Oh it needs to be killed with a blunt weapon. Well, I didn't know that and didn't make one.

Again, I was 14 and now it's 14 years later and I'm willing to give it a shot again because I'm not a dumb kid.

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Giant Bomb is a lot more like a band to me, and less like a video game website. Members can come and go, styles change. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Sometimes a band breaks up. Sometimes members go their separate ways temporarily and reform later. Sometimes your drummer dies and you just can't go on. Sometimes your singer dies and you get a different one. I could make any number of parallels with rock bands. Point is that this isn't forever. Maybe this is Giant Bomb releasing Coda and that's goodbye. Maybe this is Giant Bomb releasing No Prayer for the Dying and we'll have to wait a little while longer until we get something really amazing. Maybe this is Giant Bomb releasing Meddle and it's the start of something great with only better stuff to come.

Edit: I also want to add that before Ryan passed away there were a lot of similar threads on these forums. People claimed that content had sort of stagnated and people were getting worried. Then, y'know, it happened and shit got weird for a while. Then it stabilized, and we're back here.

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Mega Man Legends. I loved it as a kid and was really surprised to see everyone hated it. Even as a kid I was like "yeah, it's not Mega Man but I still like it."

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I think Mass Effect 3 did a homosexual character best. That guy in the engineering bay, I think?

Dude just drops "I lost my husband in the attacks..." Shepherd just goes "Sorry to hear that" or something as if nothing weird was said.

Because it wasn't weird.

Some dudes like dudes.

That always stuck with me as a "YES!" moment. It wasn't like the saxophone guy from Enchanted Arms. It was just one person talking to another. I feel like those are the moments that stand out to me. Not an artificially diverse set of core characters.