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Basically, any game that has been released in downloadable form has a chance to be made into a PS+ offering. Regardless of genre or level of success, there is some chance that any game will eventually be rotated into the Instant Game Collection. Though it is definitely most common for first party games and under-performing third-party games to show up.

Plenty of super-Japanese games have rotated in over the years, so Ys or DJ Max may show up soon, or two years from now, or never. If you're thinking of buying them, you'll have to weigh your desire to play them right now vs. that chance...

Edit: DJ Max Technika Tune is $45 at the moment.

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Too many things to mention, including a custom mouse & mini-cue stick for playing computer billiards. :/

Honourable mention probably goes to this lil' gem that I found recently while sorting through old CDs & games:

"Bad Mojo is an adventure game where the player assumes the role of a man that has been transformed in to a cockroach. Gameplay consists of puzzles and exploration with a minimal number of threats. Bad Mojo also contains several FMV sequences."

On the plus side, I've been thinking I should send it in so Vinny or someone can play it on UPF. It has FMV!

I wonder why they didn't just call it Metamorphosis: The Roach Game. The novel is totally public domain by now. Afraid of appearing too highbrow?

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Bought lots of bizarre Sega games and peripherals for cheap when the Dreamcast was dying. Seaman w/ microphone, Typing of the Dead w/ keyboard, Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Grind Radio, etc... It was so much awesomeness at once, I was like "Why the hell is the Dreamcast dying?"

Also bought 360 versions of Oblivion GOTY and Deadly Premonition AFTER my console exploded. Thought I would get around to replacing the 360 eventually. Nope, I just threw that money away on two shrink-wrapped paperweights.

Edit: There was a huge-ass PS Move bundle with this stuff, the camera, Killzone 3, and Resistance 3 all in one box.

I played through the entire campaign of Killzone 3 swinging this bitch around my living room. I regret nothing!

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Please treat the wiki with respect in the future, or this will happen:

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I'm truly happy/sad to see something nice like this in honor of RTD.

Just a little confused about what the silhouette of the Ryan torso is holding? Is that a tiny baseball bat? I thought I've seen everything in the history of this site, but I don't know what that's a callback to.

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It's a decent game if you stop playing about 90 minutes from the end.

But the ending... everything about it... the plot twist... the party members you lose... the shitty two bosses you have to fight regardless of which faction you sided with... Ugh.

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@altairre said:

do you know why Mondo has a mechanical arm? It's because he was part of the team that assasinated Osama bin Laden and bin Laden's malice infected his arm so he replaced it with a mechanical one. No, I'm not making that up.

.... Can we get a do-over for GOTY 2013?!?!

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Resident Evil 4 is still an eggcellent game.

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@mrfluke said:

anyone ever seen igarashi use that whip?

Maybe his wife did?

Appropriate username.

I'll happily throw money at Igarashi's inevitable Kickstarter: "Not-Castlevania Starring Bimon Selmont!"

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Gone Campin'.