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@cmblasko said:

Looks just as bad as every other iteration since Here Comes the Pain. You know your priorities are quite out of order when you have to hype audio effects, which should have been in the series from day 1, as your big new feature. Animation transitions look choppy and unnatural, graphics are poor for a game released in 2012, barely any game play improvements or changes for that matter. Wrestling games have so much potential for online capabilities yet these games are nearly devoid of them. They need to resort to nostalgia in order to mask the fact that the single-player portions of these games are garbage.

I continue to wait for the day when someone else gets a shot at making a WWE game.

That sounds like a pretty good summation of WWE wrestling in general right now honestly. When they are at their 'best' recently is when they do things they should have been doing by default anyway, and have to resort to nostalgia to keep people watching for as long as they have.