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Rob Zombie's little brother was pretty cool back in the late 90's.

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Davis was vital to the success of Giant Bomb. The TANG movie reviews have always been my favorite video content on the site.

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@andorski: Other than "Dark Knight Returns" when has Superman ever worked for any government?

Supes has always answered to a higher power than any government, the US President!

Miller was being true to the lore despite what Superman "experts" would lead you to believe.

If you can't trust JFK, who can you trust?
Serving Reagan in a then mainstream "canon" DCU story.
Written and drawn by John "Days of Future Past" Byrne.
"Sorry I was gone so long Mr President. I won't let you down again."

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Come on, Patrick. Not knowing the difference between Big Boss and Solid Snake is like getting Mario and Luigi confused for the same guy.


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Can Uhura have her first name like all the other TOS crew member pages on GB? It should be Nyota Uhura.

Laura needs her surname added to the page title, it should be Laura Harris.

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Are you sure he's not talking about that '"Silver Age" Batman game that Rocksteady's developing?

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Why is the Joker a big deal in Batman?

It might have something to do with the fact that he's the most beloved villain in the mythos.