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Why is the Joker a big deal in Batman?

It might have something to do with the fact that he's the most beloved villain in the mythos.

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I see that no one is offering him an explanation so I'll bump this and follow it up with similar question of my own:

How do you set a profile image now? I can see the avatar & background image option in settings like @wtrswoopes.

I have asked two people with profile images clearly uploaded after site redesign, both have elected to ignore me. (Or users are no longer alerted when their images are commented on, OR it's just not working right now)

This guy and this guy have profile images on their user pages. How did they do it? None of my acquaintances on GB have profile images set otherwise I'd ask them how to do it.

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Are we ever getting our images back? It's been awhile now. This is really driving me crazy.

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@Gamer_152: Done. 
What's taking these alias requests so long? It's the slowest I've seen on any whiskey site, there hasn't even been a mod post since about 7 pages back. 
Anyway I have a few more: 
Add Alias: Suzaku the Red Sparrow  
Add Alias: Seiryu the Blue Dragon   
Lord Gohda 
Add Alias: Matsunoshin Gohda
Add Alias: Chikara
Add Alias: Kouga 
Add Alias: Laon 
Add Alias: Serea
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Add Aliases: Eddie Brock and Venom
Add Aliases: Mac Gargan and Venom
Cassandra Cain 
Add Aliases: Blackbat and Batgirl
Tim Drake 
Add Aliases: Red Robin and Robin
Renee Montoya 
Add Alias: Question
Madame Hyrda 
Add Aliases: Ophelia Sarkissian and Viper
Add Alias: Jack Ryder 
New Goblin 
Add Alias: Harry Osborn  
Winter Soldier 
Add Aliases: Bucky Barnes and Captain America.
Add Aliases: Dick Grayson and Batman
Swamp Thing 
Add Alias: Alec Holland
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@H2Oyea: Unfortunately no, for some reason Acquire is developing Shinobido 2 instead of a new Tenchu. 
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I unwittingly assumed Giant Bomb wouldn't have a Cool Z page.  Please delete the dupe I made immediately. 

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Red Hulk needs to be deleted, his true identity has been revealed to be Thunderbolt Ross. Add Red Hulk and Rulk as aliases to his page.