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Can't select PC as a platform here.

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Wrong face man
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I need friends too :O

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:O Chicken

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I did, thanks :D.
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@FirePrince: That's all it really does, aside from add to my click count.
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Which one, they both seem fine to me.
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Well a beta is now opening up for Miner Wars, a space sim mmo. This is something i've been incredibly excited for (well any space sim shooter gets me excited, since they're so rare these days). It's got everything I could ever want, destructable terrain, indoor and outdoor space combat, huge asteroids to mine and fight around. Should be a blast.
Problem is the easiest way to get into the beta is through a rather annoying affiliate program, get 250 people to click your link and you're in.  So I've started up a link trade thread over in the miner wars forum if anybody is interested. I'll be clicking on any link posted there. :D
Link Trade Thread
My Link

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Whoo first post in this forum.
Anyways a closed beta is opening up for miner wars, easiest way to get in is through the affiliate program.
So i've started up a thread to trade affiliate links.
My Link:

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New patch has gone live, 3v3 and 4v4 are finally in which has me really excited. Wish i had more then a week to play the maps though :\. Oh well, long weekend this weekend so I'll have all Monday to play as well :D