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I'd give anything (except more of my money) for the Warlock hand staff.

EDIT: I totally ended up buying it.

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I don't have a single win.

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I like exploring and building characters that solve problems in different ways (stealth, strength, manipulation etc.).

These games obviously aren't for you. Stop wasting your time!

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Next Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and the ever elusive Dungeon Keeper 3.

On a side note, I still play the mobile Dungeon Keeper and every time I do it bums me out that it has so much potential but delivers on none of it and instead makes me wait days (literally, days) to build things. I haven't put any money into it and I refuse to do so.

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I can't wait to see more of this season's episodes. The first three have been really great.

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It's 8 AM and I'm on the bus to work.

No eclipse for me =(

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No, 25, male, Sweden.

I don't believe in any religion because I see them as ancient stories of comfort with no place in a modern society.

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I'll watch it. Not sure how to feel about it yet though. Love the latest animated series.

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I like Pokémon and will buy their dumb hardware to play it.

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Well, I used it. It worked. Transferred all my Pokémon from Black 2 to X. No items are transferred. You can only transfer from box 1 (Black 2) and you can't launch the bank without the X cartridge in, so it took a good long while to transfer everything. At least I got a Celebi!