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Added everyone up to and including Moekiman.

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Trainer: Jocke

Friend Code: 0748-2183-8748

Pokemon X

Great initiative, as I don't actually know anyone that plays. I've added all 49 entries in this thread so far (took half an hour). Please add me as well!

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Greninja, Charizard, Golurk, Sail Fossil Dino, Gardevoir, Pikachu (with Eviolite).

I was considering switching Pikachu for Lucario but I can't...they put way too much effort into his voice and animations.

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You'll be in for a treat. Won't spoil the surprise.

You don't need to know anything going in.

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Add Amulet Coin to that and you're golden.

I find myself way overlevelled anyway because I spend so much time in each area catching stuff.

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I've decided on Froakie. It was between Froakie or Chespin. Never even considered Fennekin.

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Perhaps a Steam controller, next?

I love this. It's so exciting!

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There are some good movies out there. I enjoyed "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle" a lot.

I watched "Bleach" up until the conclusion with Aizen, really enjoyed that. Skipped all the filler episodes though as I thought they were trash.

Currently watching "Attack On Titan" and loving it. I'm even reading the manga - a first for me. I can't get enough "Attack on Titan" right now.

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I bought it. I'll be playing it locally with my sisters tonight. Easier than both of them buying gaming PC's and a copy of D3 each.

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