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You mean Arkham City in the last paragraph, right? ("success of both Arkham Asylum and Arkham World")

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@endaround: What save issue is that other than the saves getting REALLY huge after some playtime? Do they have a tendency to corrupt or something= maybe I should start using more than two slots from now on if that is the case.

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Was that an old Nico Bellic as a vagrant?

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Holy shit! Well done. 
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I'm wondering this too. This fucking system sucks just as much as me for not figuring it out.
EDIT...fuck....should've pressed play...
The jittering is fantastic...well worth the subscription. Goddamn

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Yeah, the Media Server is great! Works like a charm on a Mac as well. And you really don't need to fiddle with the settings apart from selecting what folders to stream from. (Pro-tip, do not include a folder full of porn when handing the remote control over to friends.)

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@Tebbit said:

" Let me tell you right now: The European PS Plus service is next to useless.  Well, that's what it looks like anyway. From the outside, looking in. "

Amen. I feel pretty retarded for subscribing now. we don't even get Qore here in sweden so I signed up to plus and got Little Big Planet (which I already have) and that's about it. Just wait until there's something more tangible you get for the fee than empty promises.
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I'm going to get killed but:
Alpha Protocol
Killzone 2
Mafia 2
Heavenly Sword (Gorgeous cinematics. Can't wait for Enslaved)
Fallout 3 (even thought the stupid DLC makes my PS3 freeze up still. Thanks for the no-patch Bethesda)
Oh, and Uncharted 2 is pretty cool I guess ;)

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Can't go wrong with the Oddworld games. Abe's Oddysse and Abe's Exodus (?) are two fantastic platformers. The graphic at the time was spectacular. The games are HARD though (especially if you go in with the intention of rescuing all Abe's friends), but kinda like Demon's Souls you die only because you made a fatal mistake and not because the game is unfair.
 One of the Oddworld games are out in PSN. I'm going to download it for the PSP tonight now.