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you the man, i would of never found that little 1 " wire popping out the fan, kudos

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Ok built myself a pc couple months ago, i have a Cooler Master HAF and my case has a LED on/off switch for a fan on the case. Im assuming this MALE 2 pin connector is what controls that on/off cause all my jumpers are plugged in except for that one plug. My mobo (asus z87 deluxe) doesnt have that 2 pin female slot. im assuming i have to get a adapter but im struggling to find one. any help? ideas? i can post pictures if need be. thank you and merry xmas everyone

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yes, got it last week. havent even played it once. just watching my little brother play (maybe an hour or two) and im already bored of the game. no joke

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ok so i played the this game looks amazing. huge leap from battlefield 2. question 1. am i halucinating or do the guns just not register half the time. (im talking pointblank behind people laying a clip and not 1 hp) . its been out for quite some time. is there no hope. maybe patch it or is it just wait for bf4 type deal.

2. the chopper is weaker? the tank is weaker? even the machine guns on the tank seem like airsoft bullets. is this gunna be fixed?

3. no captain? why did they take that aspect out and is there a chance we will have it back in bf4

4. how much further in rank wise till i get decent stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no c4? no kits for the class you select? this is stupid

5. jets fly super slow? is this just a console thing?

6. pc any better by having more players??

7. getting DLC, any map pack to get besides the bf2 pack which im about to purchase any moment i cant help it lol. i NEVER buy dlc this will be my first and im proud to say it.

edit, oh yeah duh i have 0 people to play with on console for bf3 and its not much of a single player type game so it would be cool to play with some peeps. add me "gamb1to" on 360

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are you even in shape? you need about 15-20 lbs of muscle and lose that flab covering your no muscles. best of luck in your future. eat healthy to.

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never hl3

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i wanna go

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adidas classic shell toes, nike jordans, puma for running, reeboks


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uh what