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I suck but i'm down.

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@twentyTWO said:

" No.  You can't do that for any game.  Except Portal 2 between PS3 and Steam on PC.  Why would you even ask that question?  Can you do that for any other game?  No.  Also, Google, have you heard of it? "

.@twentyTWO:   nice job miss understanding the question and being a dick dumbass.
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yeah its some bad shit i live in oxford al luckly the worst of the storm missed us. I still had a tree fall next to my house took out the power lines.  I have no clue when they'll be able to fix it.

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street fighter 3 third strike hands down greatest fighting game of all time.

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Gamertag- Gambit1986
Northeast Alabama, US

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Hollywood can't make a good video game movie period. Most games aren't real practical to turn into a decent movie. They even manage to fuck up they few games that could be turned into a good movie. Take Max payne that should have been an fairly easy game to turn into movie not much crazyness ,a simple revenge storyline. But no they fucked it all up as they always do.

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@chickengeorgewashington: feel free to send me and invite anytime you see me on street fighter Tag- Gambit1986.
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im about to get online my gamertag is gambit1986 send me an invite if you want to play.

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anyone want to play some matches in a little while let me know i'll be on.

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@turbomonkey138:  if you want some bison practice i'll play you with my scrubby bison. I live in the US but we can try and match and see how the connection is. My tag is Gambit1986.