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Thanks man! I'm downloading now. There's some good free gaming with this and alien swarm!

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Alright thanks for the responses guys.

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Will i have to pay for them because i'm buying the game so late, or do you get them for free because you buy the game new? Also, if i won't be getting the vip packs for free, is it worth it to buy them?

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Okay, thanks

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I do not plan on buying the game right away, is the map pack only come with the first shipment of games. Or, is it on the marketplace free to everybody forever?

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Yeah i really hate how people are bashing on this game like that. I wouldn't care if all the reviews are bad scores. The game is FUN and that's what matters to me. Reminds me of the good  ol days of  playing infestation and hunt in AVP2.

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If you pre-order from Gamestop it is 5 dollars off, and you can get free three-day shipping. That seems like a pretty good deal to me considering you also get 3 multiplayer skins for pre ordering.

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I didn't make this, but i thought it looked hilarious so i posted it on here.

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Hi, i already have a 360 and a dsi.... but for x mas my family usually gets me one "big gift" and i really don't have any idea what to ask them for. There are games for the PS3 i want, and games for the PSP i want, but i don't really know if it would be worth it. I just wanna know from someone with experience with the PS3 or PSP (Or both!) along with a 360 and a ds if they are worth while to get.

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I am eagerly anticipating many different games, but the one that comes out first, Is Wolfenstein. I really loved the other games in the series and can't wait for this one. I am all awaiting the obvious choices of Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3 ODST, Diablo 3(probably won't come out for a long time), Madden NFL 10, and Alpha Protocol is a game that has sparked my interests, based on that last video.