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That last quoted paragraph was absolutely the best! I wonder what they think of the game "Dante's Inferno" though? 

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Its a great game though! Even though I own it on 360 with Kinect already. I'd love to see it with Move and 3D! 

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I had never seen that soul shattering video of Jeff and now I see through different eyes. 

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 @Choffy said: 
Isn't "backlog" any game you've bought/own but never played?
That was my understanding of it as well. 
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@Napalm: Hell Red Dead is newer than Bioshock 2. No my backlog goes back further than that as well. I still have quite a few PS1 and PS2 games to play through. But those are the ones that I feel like I need to play even though thats my only motivation to do so. 
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Talk about 1st world problems. Anyways to get to the point, I'm unemployed and write about that in my game blog. I have a ton of games in my backlog just waiting to get played. Some really great ones too, like Red Dead Revolver and Bioshock 2. But I just can't get myself to play them. Instead I'm trying to find a way to buy Mortal Kombat. Or just wait till I can get Infamous for free on the PSN.  
Does anyone else do this? Even though they have plenty of games to play they just aren't in the mood to play that and wait for something new anyways? 
I feel like i'm going crazy. 

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@Recostar said:
Come June, Say between the 9 -  12  , you might hear about a new feature where your able to watch 3D Youtube videos on your 3DS.  This is going to be huge for guys like me that are creating 3D videos, Of course this is all jut hear say ,and nothing is confirmed.
Thats exciting! I already have youtube on my 3D tv. So I'm sure that won't take much to update either. I heard about youtube 3D but didn't know it was coming to the 3DS as well. I'd really love netflix to do the same thing as well once it becomes a more common thing.  
I know the tech is new but I think the future of 3D would benefit the most from being a part of the iPhone. I wrote a while ago how Nintendo had won not because they got to this handheld generation first or even the 3D. But because I was willing to bring it along with me even though i already owned an iPhone. If apple had some but minimum amount of physical buttons and a 3D screen (although I'm sure the touch part would make it hard to focus) with a nice 3D video camera. 3D content would explode. I've already have been uploading some of my 3DS pictures to and I'm getting even better at making them interesting. But I'd love to make my own videos for relatively cheap. ($600 3D camcorders are not cheap enough for mainstream)
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I own a 3DS and a 55" 3D TV (that I have yet to experience because of my lack of 3D glasses). I like 3D a lot. Actually I really wish the cameras on the 3DS were at least 4 or 5 megapixels because this .3 shit is horrible. But I still go around and take a picture with my camera and my 3DS. I like having both. For me it's almost won me over. Now I just need some damn fine content (and cheaper glasses, I mean c'mon)

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For the longest time it was Lunar Silver Star Story Complete but I finally went back to it and finished it. I had gotten to the last boss but barely. Once I was there I was stuck fighting him but I hadn't leveled up enough and I didn't have enough items to get back down through the dungeon that would allow me to level up. On top of that it was my only save so I had to restart it all over again and leveled up enough to the point that I beat the last boss in a couple of minutes.