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@dungbootle said:
Luckily this is no problem since I have no money.
We're in this together...  
Being unemployed has helped fix the backlog problem for me. 
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I kind of wish they were still working on Milo though. I'd love to see something make me not regret buying Kinnect as well. 

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@BrockNRolla: I'm in the same boat for NGP.
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@creamypies: That is always the fun part! Surprises!
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Everyone has something they are looking forward to seeing or hearing about? I'm talking about things besides the obvious. WiiHD or NGP news is a given for most gamers. I have no interest in the NGP but I do want to know more.  
But I'm looking forward to seeing what Harmonix is coming out with on the 3DS? Actually I'd love to just see a whole lot more about anything on the 3DS to make me feel better about owning one. 

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@RiotBananas: Don't go down the negative path. Unless you have a really strong voice and can make it funny and worth reading. But if your just figuring that out, JUST WRITE. If you don't have a voice right now and havn't figured out what exactly you're doing. Just write. Today what is your opinion. What's a topic that interest you? Talk about it. Look up some information about it. Whatever you do, try! It's the hardest thing is to commit to it and keep at it. I've been writing at for about 2 months now and really haven't figure it all out myself. But you just keep writing. If your opinion is stupid, you'll find out and you'll become a better person for it. But you won't get anywhere with out starting so just start. Give yourself a timeline and do it. I write something at least once a week even if it's crap, just write it and get it out. 
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@cloudenvy Not going to click on my links? Then why even mention it? Thats about the snootiest thing someone could say. Just disregard them if you don't intend to click. It's an option not a demand.  
@nintendoeats What about this coming E3 though? You won't be watching any trailers to see what is coming out? The trailers at E3 or at any other announcement of a game is usually the first taste of the game and usually when people figure out if they will follow how it goes and decide if they even care about the review in the first place.

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The video game trailer could be the minute and a half of a game that makes you spend your cash. It’s got to be entertaining on it’s own and yet sell you a game that you’ll be spending hours to months of time experiencing. Condensing the feeling of a game even just a 5 hour long game into that kind of time requires a talent most game designers don’t have.

Yesterday Activision released the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that probably wouldn’t even need a trailer to be successful. But for myself it was odd that it actually has me interested in the title now. I haven’t played a CoD game since the original Modern Warfare and honestly the original for PC is still my favorite one. I don’t care for shooters in general but this is on my list to watch now. Sometimes even the most successful franchise needs this marketing ploy to garner a new audience or bring back an old one. 

Earlier this year a game came out of nowhere that really got the entire industry buzzing about it with a well made trailer. Dead Island had only been heard about once before at E3 ’06 and well it didn’t exactly blow anyone’s mind. Years later Techland comes out with this trailer and drives everyone insane.

Finally at last years E3, Bioware released this fantastic ad for their new MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, another series and genre I could care less about. But they certainly got my attention with this trailer. Does this even show how you’ll be playing the game, since it’s an MMO and all? Probably not but it’s on my radar now, which is all thanks to this great trailer.   

 These are the best and some aren’t even done by the developers themselves. The star wars one for example was done by an outside team of artist. There are a lot more examples of horrible or boring trailers but lets not look at that right now. I want to hear about the trailer that turned a game around for you and how and why it excited you? 

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@NegativeCero: No Idea but I'm pretty positive it's more than just above minimum wage. On top of that surviving is ok. I'm not expecting to date super models and live in mansions. I'm just hoping to enjoy waking up and leaving my house in the morning. That kind of deal. 

Just tired of being stuck at a desk where I do less than an hour of work because my job requires so little of me that I can mentally finish everything in that time. 7 Hours of waiting around and talking to people who seem hollow gets hard after a while and thats pretty much my job experience right now beyond hitting rock bottom and working retail or food. More interesting people that way but shitty schedule and even less pay. Looking for best of both worlds with an office job with cool people basically. 
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@Tuddlesworth: No it's completely true. Honesty isn't something I take for granted and it's appreciated. As much as I do like being lauded for my efforts the blog does need more. But at the same time the blog is both about games and desire to be in the industry, delivered in a pessimistic and sarcastic way. And while there are only 3 reviews, there are quite a few story post. Including my very large Altered Book resume. But it's also only  a little over a month into the making and I'm looking for my voice. I also have a few articles I'm banging around and trying to polish up. I'll make sure I put them on here as well. Thanks    
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