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It will probably be very gradual and we won't mind it. I for 1 love Patrick, if every new member is as awesome as Patrick I won't be sad at all, though I'm not sure how replaceable Jeff is.

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If you want to get something done, do it yourself :P.

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I don't have time for games that aren't completely awesome. Sad but true.

this. Games are one of the most time consuming mediums so I can only afford(time wise) games that either get universally great reviews which I would feel bad for missing or games which I have personal favor for.

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I don't assume a guy uses a hair straightener like I don't assume a girl plays games. All this talk is complete BS, I've never met a gamer girl, just facebook,tablet or phone games. I think its dumb that people keep attacking these people that assume girls don't play games because it is very likely. Just like I assume most people don't do Bird Watching as their hobby so I don't assume they do and if they told me that I would assume its a joke because its more likely they are kidding about it.

I'm sure gamer girls are real and I don't see that requiring a little more proof than taking people at their word is such a bad thing. I mean if I meet 3 girls and they all say they play core games that's a 0.1 probability event(assuming something like 10% of girls play core games).

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lol I read "new batman movie" and got excited...

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Why not get the ultimate system? PC :P. Its probably cheaper to build a good pc than to buy all three consoles anyway. I am currently playing FF12 on my PC with a PSX emulator, I'm pretty sure most xbox games come out on PC since its microsoft. The only games I feel like I missed out on this generation were uncharted and 2-3 indy games, Dust and Journey come to mind. Though to be honest Uncharted doesn't seem like a very gameplay dependent game so I feel like I got 90% of the experience by just watching full playthroughs on youtube.

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It's a big game, so time demanding(and hence expensive) to dig for bugs in such a massive world. That's why the modding community is awesome, they released some patches, they fix annoying inventory stuff, improve graphics, improve enemy variety..

I perfectly understand then not wanting to put more funding into this, its already a very expensive game to make, I don't see that expensive endeavor paying off for them. Though I do feel bad for the console gamers, they just got the wrong end of the deal.

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Having one console is not indicative of reduced competition, competition will just shift to other things... things that we want innovated... LIKE GAMES!!

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I don't think steam always does this. I have a US proxy on and when I turn it off the price gets reduced for Euros.

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Machines are my enemy until they take earning an income off my list of things to do.