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Man... I don't like this Oligopology crap. It seems like the future will just consist of 10-12 firms that do everything. Can't you guys just specialize? This kind of integration might be good for profits of individual firms, but its not good for overall mark ups the consumer pays, costs of less competitive environment.

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It can only be that mmo! :P

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I kind of disagree on some points, I think Jeff has a genuine love for some games, its just that he can't hide his annoyance when something is not well done. I mostly find my attitude mirrors Jeff's where I am a big fan of some games but can't stand others. Also at this point, Patrick IS the site, he is the heart and soul and the most relate-able in the way he plays games. I love his content, but yes It would be nice if other people wrote stuff too, did Brad and Vinny have their hands chopped off?

To check if this view was right, I went to the news section and opened the first 30 articles I found, guess what, Alex wrote one and Patrick the rest. Sure Pat is the main news guy but if that's the case then we should see the rest of the crew more often in footage, but we don't, it seems its mostly just uploading trailers!

I agree on the premium stuff too, I remember coming to this site when there were only 6 videos posted and now all of a sudden i'm getting locked out. I thought these were donations or contributions, why do I have to pay to watch the youtube version's when I can just go to youtube and watch the clips there? Its like your telling me "I want to inconvenience you as much as possible until you pay". Sorry to say but I was close to going premium once, but this elitism stuff has pretty much completely turned me off. The only result is that I now frequent -other sites too, and 7-8 other people who I pulled into GB in the first place don't even seem to be visiting the site in the last couple of months, and i've kind of stopped too(slowed down more like it).

This isn't one of those "i'm leaving" rants, its just that i've noticed that while my love for video games hasn't wavered one bit, my love for the site has. Not because I decided one day to do something different but because I guess it naturally occurred that my enjoyment from visiting has dampened over time. I understand that its abit of a slow period, but you can still find ways to ramp up the content, you don't always have to play new games. I think these last months were perfect for an ER but that's just me.

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Welcome to Giant Bomb, where you find heartfelt stories, one word posts, and sarcastic comments all in the same thread! This site's great, really. My only word of advice is to watch out for the "hive mind" mentality that plagues all communities. If you're against the majority, be prepared for some backlash.

I've met exactly 3 real life friends because of video games, specifically FFXI and WoW. One person in particular I met entirely by divine intervention, because I was running through a starting zone in FFXI (Ronfaure for those in the know) going somewhere else, and I saw her running away from some monsters that were apparently too tough for her. I stopped to help and cure her, and after the fight we just clicked. 8-9 years later, we're still good friends.

I experienced that on another, very popular, forum recently. took a stance against the liberal 'hive mind' and got ganged up on and then banned for no reason. It was awesome!I havent seen anything like that on here.

Amen, I sometimes appear as a troll because I have to respond to everyone who disagrees with me and that's usually the majority of the posters.

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I've got kind of weird feelings about these things, I think fear is is a product of the expected jump scares, the atmosphere, a feeling of powerlessness and the impression of infinity from the enemies.

So Amnesia kind of has less of the jump scares but all of the other 3 since the atmosphere is creepy, you are powerless in the sense that you don't beat enemies(including running slower than enemies), and infinity in that there are not a finite amount of enemies and that they are generated without end depending on your fear level.

Dead Space had the atmosphere and jump scares but not the other two so it was on a mediocre scare level for me. I mean enemies are finite so I can feel secure as soon as I clear a room or even when backtracking, in fact the combat system was often so fun that I was begging for enemies to ambush me.

I can't think of a game that has all four criteria, but I think on paper they are like 90% of what makes a game scary. There's also an issue of controls, its an open question in my head if having good controls is just part of the powerlessness index or whether it is its own category.

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This is like an archaic topic... I don't think any person who would reasonably call themselves a non-casual gamer would answer anything but gameplay. Of course Graphics matter depending on the game type, I don't think I would have enjoyed Witcher as much if it had bad graphics. I think some people would include animation under graphics and in that case I would broadly increase the weight of graphics since a LOT of games would lose that satisfying moment without good animation feedback. For instance if X-com:enemy unknown had no animation and it was just hit points and probability then I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. Animation can most definitely make or break some categories of games.

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I think you can't compete with the D2 Necro so if you are really into it just do that. POE got very boring very quickly for me, sure character creation is fun but gameplay is gruesome how boring the gameplay is. Also its not the same if the skeleton is just a skin, there has to be some sort of advantage to using skellies over other kinds of things. Like in D2 the skellie advantage was that you could have an army of em.

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Well no... I think Hard is a slippery word in this game. I would mostly define it as how tough it is to get the combos down, and the worse the fighting game is, the harder this is to do well. For instance MK deadly alliance was very clunky and had unresponsive controls in many instances so I would call that one of the hardest, I could not even finish one combo campaign, whilst SF4 i've finished like 10 character combo campaigns.

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I think wow is probably one of the most immersive games to ever come out, especially if you get into the lore. I mean I was a big fan of W3 so I had read the books and stuff so Wow was like a dream come true. That being said, its too addicting...I think for you its okay since you have a job but for those who don't have real life to interfere I would not recommend it, be wary of weekends... don't let it consume you!

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I'd probably like to be Squall in FF8, I think we match in attitude and I love the Garden. Living in Balamb garden sounds fun.